Types of guys in vancouver

They can be found pretty well anywhere on Vancouver Island, but there are definite clusters in places like the Pacific Rim National Park! With darker fur than its mainland brethren and a few other distinctions such as a larger size, the Vancouver Island black bear is a clear subspecies of the black bear family. The 5 types of guy you'll find on dating apps in Vancouver. Guest Author Jun 23 2017, 9:52 pm. ... So to help you keep an eye out for them, here are the five kinds of guy you’re most likely to find on a dating app in Vancouver. The Pseudo-Intellectual. Image: Shutterstock. Five Guys Style Hot, fresh, boardwalk style fries, made to order each and every time. Cut fresh, cooked twice, crispy on the outside and mashed-potato on the inside. The Vancouver Gay Pride started in 1978 and has since grown to become the largest parade of any kind in Western Canada, with around 650,000 people attending the 2017 Pride. The Pride takes place in the summer, usually in late July/early August. The 2018 Vancouver Gay Pride Parade will take place on Sunday 5 August. Vancouver Nightlife Bars Gay Bars. Best Gay Bars in Vancouver, BC. Sort: Recommended. All. Price. Open Now. Sponsored Results. Cactus Club Cafe. 73 $$ Cocktail Bars, Canadian (New) (604) 291-9339. 6090 Silver Drive. Metrotown. Delivery during COVID-19. Takeout during COVID-19 GUYS & ANCHORS V. 2. - Page 3 of 34 G. SIDEWALK GUYS These utilize 3/8” guy strand only and are to be used only when a normal guy lead cannot be obtained. This type of downguy exerts a very large moment on the pole in the area of the stand-off pipe, often exceeding the minimum bowing moment for the pole if used in heavy strain situations. Welcome to Five Guys Order. Carousel content begins. Join The Team. Be This Month's Five Guys Fan. Carousel content ends. Locations Order Careers Menu Allergen and Ingredient List Info ... 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Definitely Meet At Vancouver Bars. Watch out for fvckboys! Sprouse Bros Cole Sprouse Hot Cole Sprouse Funny Cole Sprouse Jughead Dylan Sprouse Cole Sprouse Haircut Beautiful Boys Pretty Boys Cute Boys. 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Definitely Meet At Vancouver Bars Watch out for fvckboys! Paige Sierra 3 years ago. @weheartit. We all know how hard dating in Vancouver can be and lately it feels like the city got a hell of a lot smaller. Its like every time I leave the house I run into someone I know. Now, by no means in that a bad thing. As a transgender woman, my relationship with online dating is complicated to say the least. With my accounts on OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel and ChristianMingle, I am subjected to the same kind of messages from Mr. Washboard-Abs-No-Face and unsolicited dick pics that most women, unfortunately, receive.

Blended Vision LASIK vs. Monovision

2020.07.09 03:21 Kgibbons04 Blended Vision LASIK vs. Monovision

Hello all,
Been investigating LASIK for several months, and finally decided to go for it. I'm in my late 40's, and I do suffer from Presbyopia in addition to Myopia -- and toss in Astigmatism in both eyes for good measure :)
My most recent script is as follows: https://i.imgur.com/kHLYrF5.png
I'm in Las Vegas, and already went to the Pre-Op Appointment for LASIK this week. I was shown a demonstration of what Monovision would feel like using the glasses, but honestly with my mask fogging up the lenses, I was having a very difficult time getting an actual feel for it.
I'm going back in the office this coming Monday to receive Contacts which I'll be using for around 3 weeks to simulate Monovision before I commit to that specific kind of LASIK. I tentatively have my LASIK scheduled for July 30th.
Here's where the question comes in.... I'm aware that Blended Vision LASIK (aka Micro-monovision, Presbyond, Presbyvision) are options in places like Canada & Europe. I'm fairly certain that Presbyond & Presbyvision are just brand names for the same type of blended vision LASIK offered by different places.
Blended Vision LASIK is still not offered in the US due to not being FDA approved, although it's actively performed in Canada & Europe for at least 5+ years now. From what I've read, the Blended Vision LASIK gets very favorable reviews from those who have had it -- and is supposedly a far superior treatment over Monovision.
Just looking for some additional input on Blended Vision LASIK from those who might have had the procedure, or from any industry professionals that might be able to speak to the benefits of Blended Vision over Monovision.
We're still on travel restrictions into Canada due to Covid. But if Blended Vision sounds like a much better choice for my specific vision needs, I would definitely consider canceling my local LASIK procedure and making the trip to Vancouver when the travel ban lifts.
Appreciate any input you guys can provide!
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2020.07.05 19:46 LOUDCO-HD Unintentional Stolen Valour

I walk with a prosthetic, lost my right foot due to diabetic complications. Last summer my wife and I were in Vancouver boarding a Cruise ship to Alaska. We were in this huge hall where everyone went to board 3 ships. We were in a very long line up with switchbacks and were almost at the front when I fellow we had passed several times, older guy in a wheelchair, briefly made eye contact with me, and thanked me for my service.
It didn’t really click at first, I wear my hair very long and from my body type it is obvious I am not into hiking or pushups so no one would mistake me as a soldier. I mentioned it to my wife after we checked in and she said it is probably your shorts, which had a camouflage pattern. Not official camo but chain store camo. Pair the shorts with the peg leg and this guy must have thought I was injured in the service.
We waited in the boarding area as long as we could for him to come out but we had no way of knowing which boat he was getting on. We kept an eye out for him on the cruise in case we were on the same cruise, but never saw him again. If you are reading this Sir, it was not my intention to present myself as a injured soldier, I apologize if that is how I looked. With limited luggage I wore the shorts for the rest of the cruise, but discarded them when I got home.
Please don’t make me do push-ups as punishment!
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2020.07.04 00:04 _Zagreb_ [Browser][2000s-2010s] Logical text/picture based puzzles that got increasingly harder

Platform(s): Browser, it was a website
Genre: Puzzle, Logic, ARG almost
Estimated year of release: 2000-2010
Graphics/art style: Real pictures, plain text, clip art, geocite looking
Notable characters: None
Notable gameplay mechanics: I can't remember if there were HTML hotspots or not, but basically just thinking and typing
Other details: All I remember is this very neon, basic looking website where you could only progress by finding the answer given a range of clues on the page. I distinctly remember one level having a picture of a groccery store fruit isle, with different fruit circled in different colors of circles. I believe every answer was just accepted through a text input box, and close answers would reveal a clue to help you along.
But I can't remember any other puzzle structure, other than every puzzle needed a basic text input as the answer. There were something like 500 total puzzles, and I was stuck around 50.
If it helps, I met the guy who made it in person once. He ran an escape room in Vancouver, developed this himself, and said there was a small community forming around his website of people trying to solve the harder puzzles.
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2020.07.03 16:15 ForeverKarlMalone 2 Years Of Cold Approach, 15 Lays, And Right Back Where I Started

About 3 years ago, I was a 29 year old Asian guy with only a couple months to go before I turned 30, working at a Big 3 Accounting Firm (Lol KPMG), and I was realizing that I was unhappy and miserable, working long hours at all times of the day and night and spending all my free time playing Overwatch, and Dota 2…
And despite earning good money, I had a house and some savings, I just knew my life was nowhere near where I wanted it to be or thought it should be, despite all the years of hard work because I never had a girlfriend. I was still a virgin at age 29. A kissless handholdless virgin… I just wanted to take the time to finally get this off my chest since I have nothing better to do during the quarantine.
I soon decided, with the help of an epiphany while reading some pickup articles on Reddit that this was not the life for me and that I would need to start approaching girls and learning game to have any hope of losing my virginity before 30… To have any chance at a normal life...
I didn't want to become a 100+ lay Gigachad:
Was that really too much to ask?
So I quickly began to learn about game and seduction and browsed Reddit and other forums almost daily to get hyped up and learn how to do cold approach. I soon discovered, however, that I had bitten off far more than I could chew…
I met up with a white guy I met online who seemed equally as motivated as me to go out and approach and we went out to several bars and clubs together. Every time we went out, he would always go home with a new girl… I’m not proud of it, but I was extremely jealous since none of these girls gave me any kind of IOIs or other signs of attraction when I approached, and stopped going out with him. Now, I realize it's because he went to the gym a lot and always had a nice haircut, but back then, It was kind of ridiculous how I’d approach girl after girl and get one word answers and a GO AWAY vibe the entire conversation and he would come in a few minutes later and THE SAME GIRL would be smiling and asking him questions about himself, it felt like he didn’t even need to do any work to get laid…
At this point, I was watching pickup videos from or reading articles on how to get girls on an almost daily basis, trying to study and learn all the latest game techniques. It felt like I hit a brick wall. This was SOOO much harder than I thought it would be. The pickup articles I'd been reading specifically said that “women would rather fuck an ugly guy with a strong frame than a handsome guy with a weak one” but that didn’t seem to be the case. I was a 5’5” Asian guy competing with 6’0”+ white guys at every club I went to and it felt like no matter what I said, no girls were even willing to have an actual conversation with me. This is after 100+ approaches so I knew that it wasn’t just bad luck or lack of effort.
So reluctantly, after learning some valuable lessons about the harsh nature of reality, I invested $2997 in a well known pickup bootcamp since I figured I was already watching so many of their videos, and it’s only fair that I pay them and hopefully learn how to break through my sticking points since my strategy of trying to learn everything by myself was clearly failing.
For those of you thinking about going to a PUA Bootcamp, be very careful you don't waste all your money like I did. This particular company did not give a single FUCK about me other than my money. My instructor just kept telling me to approach and approach, which I already knew how to do, and every time I asked for feedback on why none of the girls seemed receptive, he would give some bullshit feedback on how my vibe was off. I asked him how to correct it and he never had any real answers, always giving some woo woo answer about how I needed to have outcome independence and have more fun. It was really weird that everyone who seemed to succeed seemed to be the type to go to the gym a lot and pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance, even though they teach that looks don't matter.
I finally lost my virginity through sheer luck after over 500 approaches. It was a random girl I met at the club after approaching empty handed the entire night, but we actually started making out right away after like 2 minutes, I'd never moved that fast before. It really was a life changing experience to finally get that monkey off my back. I felt more confident than ever and I even went on 2 dates with her to try to be her boyfriend but she didn't seem to reciprocate...
Over the next couple of years, I became obsessed with getting good with girls, which certainly kept me going, but it also caused some problems…
I went out with so many wingmen, hoping to find that gold nugget, that shining piece of knowledge or wisdom that would finally catapult me past this unbreakable wall, but they would either be just as bad with girls as me or be over 5'10", no exceptions. I read an article on Reddit about how you had to talk louder and slower and that actually helped a lot. Girls would actually give me a chance to have a conversation with them instead of rejecting me immediately but they would still shake their head when I asked them to go home with me or even just grab a drink together. That's when it hit me that I didn't know as much as I thought I did and that there was a lot more to learn.
The bad news is, all this rejection was not good for my mental health. I started to wonder if maybe a short Asian guy like myself is just not meant to procreate… I was seriously considering moving to Thailand or The Philippines to try to at least find a gold digger wife…
But finally, I found one particular dating coach that really resonated with me and I immersed myself in his training… He was 5’7” and Asian, so a short Asian like me. John Elite from Vancouver.
The first thing he told me was that my hairstyle, fashion, and body language were all shit and unless I fix them first, nothing else would work. Now this is completely contradictory to some of the other advice I read, which convinced me that looks don’t matter but I decided to give it a shot. I got a blazer and chinos from Zara and got an undercut haircut with faded sides along with a gold watch. I didn’t expect anything to happen right away but the difference in girls’ reactions really was noticeable IMMEDIATELY. Suddenly, they would hang in and listen to every word I had to say instead of just politely waiting for me to leave. One girl even started asking me questions about myself and followed me when I asked her to grab a drink with me! I was SOOO HAPPY, it felt like everything changed.
Next, he told me to fix my posture and stand up perfectly straight with no neck or back tilt. This was really hard for me because I spent my entire adult life playing video games and working in front of a computer, always hunched over. I even had to go to a chiropractor to undo the years of bad habits and damage to my posture but it finally got fixed after I started wearing a back brace like they give to scoliosis patients. Again, I noticed immediate results. I actually pulled a girl home this time and got a blowjob! No lay thought because of last minute resistance…
The one thing that really transformed my results though was to speak to girls with vocal variety. I had a very monotone voice that didn’t change in volume or pitch at all. He had me watch episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and we noticed that every character spoke with such vocal variety and inflections that it sounded like they were speaking in color compared to my black and white. This did not come easy but I worked had on it until it was at least somewhat passable. This turned out to be the tipping point and I finally started getting laid regularly when I go out instead of once every 500 approaches like before. Overall, I'm very happy to have fucked 15 girls.
That’s kind of the level I’m at right now. The girls aren’t like model level 9’s or 10’s yet but I’ve gotten a 7 before, mostly 5’s and 6’s but it’s a huge improvement over nothing. Before the quarantine, I already had a plate I was regularly seeing before shit hit the fan, so I figured I could just continue banging that chick while stuck indoors.
Well, turns out I still have a lot more work to do on myself because after about a month of seeing her during the quarantine, she officially stopped responding to my texts 2 days ago, ghosting me. I realize now that I paid a heavy price for those 15 lays. I dealt with rejection after rejection, becoming a stronger person emotionally, but at the same time, alienating old friends by refusing to hang out with them for not having similarly "successful" mindsets. I even lost my family who have very old fashioned Christian mindsets and see me as a monster for going out and banging so many girls without even one stable relationship...
I'm at the very beginning again, only this time in my early 30's, still working in my accounting job that I don't really have any passion for, but now without any of my old work friends or my family's support. It's hard for me to deal with the quarantine these days because my life was so centered around approaching lots of women and trying to hook up with them that I realize I don't really have any other hobbies.
But I've also changed for the better. After going on this insane hell of grinding out 15 lays, I have a lot more confidence in myself and even though it sucks to not have anyone there for emotional support, I realize that I'm more than capable of making new friends, of starting my own business. Because the only thing holding me back is myself.
Now that I've gotten what I wanted initially (losing my virginity, having random sex, meeting new women), it's time to move on to a new goal: starting my own business. Hopefully this next journey won't be anywhere near as difficult as the last one!
Hope everyone reading this is safe and got some value from my post. Just needed to get this off my chest before work starts up again.
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2020.07.03 16:13 sonofabutch The All-Q Team!

Recently I posted a write-up of the most popular (M, with 2,040) and least popular (X, with 0) letters to start last names in MLB history. If you throw out X, the next-least popular last-name letter is Q. There have been just 51 players in MLB history with a last name starting with Q.
The first Q I think of is Dan Quisenberry. That's one... 50 more!
Which of course got me thinking:
Who would be on the All-Q All-Star Team?
From this pool of 51 players, I tried to put together the best roster I could. It wasn't easy! I usually went by bWAR, except in cases where the player only had a handful of plate appearances or innings. Of the 51 Q's who have appeared in the majors, six are active members of an MLB organization, according to baseball-reference.com; four played in 2019.
Batters: A few names you'll recognize, and then a few from the history books. Nine batters totaling 27.1 career bWAR.
C Jamie Quirk - 0.7 bWAR, .247/.298/.347 (79 OPS+) in 2,266 AB (1975-1992). There have only been 51 Q's in MLB history and the 1980s Royals had two of them, Quirk and Quisenberry. Jamie Quirk is one of those players I thought was better than he actually was; he never topped 1.0 bWAR in any of his 18 seasons. Yet he played 18 seasons, so I guess he was doing something right! Or I should say left: He threw righty but hit lefty, and left-handed hitting catchers can always get a job. Quirk's best season offensively was 1990, when he hit .281/.353/.413 in 121 AB. In addition to 525 career appearances at catcher, Quirk also saw time at 3B, 1B, LF, SS, RF, and one inning at 2B!
1B Robb Quinlan - 1.3 bWAR, .276/.322/.401 (90 OPS+) in 1,112 AB (2003-2010). A platoon corner infieldecorner outfielder with the Angels, Quinlan could do damage against lefties (.298/.339/.453) but struggled against righties (.251/.301/.340), and alas, most pitchers are right-handed. Quinlan was drafted in 1995 by the California Angels, but turned it down to play for the University of Minnesota; four years later, the Anaheim Angels drafted him again, and this time he signed. Eleven years after that, he retired as a member of the Los Angeles Angels!
2B Joe Quinn - 4.7 bWAR, .262/.303/.328 (76 OPS+) in 6,897 AB (1884-1901). Of the 51 Q's in baseball history, 13 -- 25%! -- have the last name Quinn. The first on this team is Joe Quinn, a 19th century ballplayer with the distinction of being the first Australian in MLB history. Quinn played for eight teams in his 17 year career, mostly at second base but playing all over the infield as well as some games in the outfield. His best year was 1895, hitting .314/.360/.399 for the St. Louis Browns. He also was manager of the infamously bad 1899 Cleveland Spiders, who still hold the MLB record for futility at 20-134 -- a .130 W%. The 1962 New York Mets, for comparison, went 40-120, for a .250 W%!
3B Luis Quinones - 0.3 bWAR, .226/.282/.341 (72 OPS+) in 1,003 AB (1983-1992). A light-hitting utility player, Quinones had most of his career starts at third base but played every infield position and even a few games in the outfield during an eight-year career with five different teams. He would later be a coach and was briefly a minor league manager. (Note that there is another Luis Quinones, a 22-year-old pitcher in the Blue Jays system, but he's currently suspended due to PEDs.)
SS Joe Quest - 3.1 bWAR, .217/.252/.268 (67 OPS+) in 2,295 AB (1871-1886). Joe Quest sounds like the name of the hero in an adventure novel. He played for 10 years as a middle infielder in the bigs despite hitting just .217... he was celebrated as a flashy player on defense, pulling off crowd-pleasing stunts like catching a ball with his hands behind his back, and also -- in the days before the infield fly rule, introduced in 1895 -- intentionally "trapping" infield pop-ups so the runners couldn't tell if he'd caught them or not. After his playing career, Quest was a manager and then an umpire. But he's best remembered today for -- according to some sources -- coining the phrase Charley horse for a leg cramp.
LF Carlos Quentin - 10.5 bWAR, .252/.347/.484 (120 OPS+) in 2,790 AB (2006-2014). A two-time All-Star and 2008 Silver Slugger Award winner, Quentin was a superstar in high school in baseball, basketball, and football, and was a stand-out baseball player for Stanford University. "Q-uperman" battled elbow, shoulder, wrist, and knee injuries throughout his career and played in his last MLB game at the age of 31. Nevertheless, he holds most offensive records for a player with a last name beginning with Q.
CF Roman Quinn - 0.5 bWAR, .243/.321/.382 (86 OPS+) in 296 AB (2016-2019). A switch-hitting outfielder with the Phillies, Quinn hit a promising .263/.373/.333 in 15 games as a 23-year-old in 2016, then .260/.317/.412 in 2018, but fell to .213/.298/.370 last year. The 2011 2nd round pick has had promising minor league numbers (.285/.349/.409 in three seasons at Triple-A) and is one of the fastest players in baseball.
RF Carlos Quintana - 2.7 bWAR, .276/.350/.362 (94 OPS+) in 1,376 AB (1988-1993). For two years, 1990-1991, Quintana looked like he'd be a pretty good hitter -- he hit .291 with 49 2B and 138 RBI in 990 ABs as a first baseman and outfielder over those two seasons. But in February 1992, El Cañón was seriously injured in a car accident and missed the entire season; he returned in 1993, hitting just .244 with a .587 OPS, and was released. He would end his career in the Mexican League.
DH Mark Quinn - 3.3 bWAR, .282/.324/.481 (101 OPS+) in 1,089 AB. "The Mighty Quinn" was a rookie sensation in 2000, hitting .294/.342/.488 with 20 HR and 78 RBI as an outfielder, finishing third in the ROY voting behind Seattle's Kazuhiro Sasaki and Oakland's Terrence Long. The Royals released him three years later, at the age of 28, and he would play in the minors for the Padres, Devil Rays, Cardinals, White Sox, and finally in the Venezuela Winter League before hanging them up in 2007.
Bench: With a starting lineup this thin, you can imagine there weren't a lot of Quality Q's to be used as reserves. Only one player with a positive bWAR. Luckily we have a lot of positional flexibility with our starting nine. Five guys on the bench with a total career bWAR of -1.5.
C Humberto Quintero - 1.8 bWAR, .234/.267/.327 (61 OPS+) in 1,346 AB (2003-2014). A beefy backup catcher, Quintero played 12 years in the bigs but only topped 200 ABs twice (265 in 2010, 262 in 2011). He was regarded as a fine defensive catcher with a strong throwing arm, and is the perfect platoon partner with Quirk.
C/OF Paddy Quinn - -0.3 bWAR, .243/.273/.250 (73 OPS+) in 148 AB (1871-1877). The first player with a last name starting with Q in MLB history, Paddy made his debut in 1871 and finished his MLB career in 1877... with a total of just 42 games. Thirty-three of those 42 games came in one season, 1875, when he hit .265 in 117 AB as a member of three different teams. He would end his MLB career in 1877 as an outfielder with the Chicago White Stockings (later known as the Cubs), going 1-for-14 in four games. He was one of the first catchers in baseball history to stand more or less where modern catchers do, within a few feet of the batter -- this was in the days before masks, chest protectors, or even gloves!
IF Frank Quilici - -0.5 bWAR, .214/.281/.287 (61 OPS+) in 682 AB (1965-1970). Quilici was offered a huge $28,000 bonus in 1960 to sign with the New York Yankees after hitting .400 in his junior year at Western Michigan University, but turned it down because he had promised his father he'd graduate. A year later, the Twins signed him... for $15,000. It would work out in the end, though. After Quilici's playing days were over, he'd be a coach, a manager, and a broadcaster, all with the Twins.
UT Omar Quintanilla - -0.9 bWAR, .220/.287/.295 (56 OPS+) in 1,035 AB (2005-2014). A utility man with the Rockies, Rangers, Mets, and Orioles, Quintanilla struggled to break the Mendoza Line most years but lasted nine seasons because of his versatility, seeing time at shortstop, second, and third base.
SS Rey Quiñones - -1.6 bWAR, .243/.287/.357 (74 OPS+) in 1,533 AB. Once regarded as the top prospect in the Red Sox system, Quiñones put up solid offensive numbers in the low minors (.295/.352/.496 as a 19-year-old with Elmira in 1983) but struggled defensively. When his bat went cold as well, the Red Sox no longer had a use for him. But he did prove important in Boston history as he was traded with three other prospects to the Mariners in 1986 for Spike Owen (and Dave Henderson), who would become their starting shortstop in the post-season. As for Quiñones, he was out of MLB by the age of 25.
Starting Pitchers: A couple solid veterans at the top, a promising young arm in the middle, but then our Qs get questionable. Five starters with a total career bWAR of 77.9... even though the #1 and #2 combined for 83.0!
SP Jack Quinn - 58.6 bWAR, 247-218, 3.29 ERA, 1.300 WHIP, 3,920.1 IP (1909-1933). In terms of bWAR, Jack Quinn was by far the best "Q" player in MLB history... and he may not have even been a Q. Quinn broke into the bigs at the age of 25 and threw his last MLB pitch six days after his 50th birthday. Maybe. His birth year is variously listed as 1883, 1884, or 1885, and sometimes he hinted he was even older than that; other times he said he was younger. "I'll tell my age when I quit," he once vowed. But he never did. His place of birth may have been somewhere in Pennsylvania Coal Country, but no one knows for sure; one baseball researcher believes he was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Quinn's real last name was likely not Quinn, but possibly Picus, Piqeues, or Pajkos; he said he couldn't remember. Little is known about Quinn because he liked his privacy; his teammates sometimes called him "The Wooden Indian" because he'd stand there silently, like a statue outside a store. It's also likely that Quinn, who was orphaned at a young age, didn't know when or where he was born, or even his real last name. But in any event he played under the name Quinn, so he's one of the 51 Q's in baseball history. When the spitball was outlawed in 1920, Quinn -- who had been in the bigs since 1909 -- was one of 17 pitchers "grandfathered in" and allowed to keep loading up the ball. Unlike many of his contemporaries, who literally spit on the ball with the help of tobacco juice, Quinn threw a "dry spitter", just wetting two fingers by bringing them to his mouth. He also threw a kind of knuckler. But despite throwing two famously hard to control pitches, Quinn was one of the best control pitchers of his day, averaging just 1.9743 BB/9 over his 23-year career.
SP Jose Quintana - 24.4 bWAR, 83-77, 3.72 ERA, 1.265 WHIP, 1,485.0 IP (2012-2019). During his first five seasons, Quintana posted a 3.41 ERA and 1.242 WHIP, generating 20.0 bWAR; over the last three seasons, he's had a 4.28 ERA and 1.307 WHIP with just 5.7 bWAR. The 31-year-old Cubs lefthander is a free agent at the end of this season.
SP Cal Quantrill - 0.4 bWAR, 6-8, 5.16 ERA, 1.301 WHIP, 103.0 IP (2019). The #8 overall pick of the 2016 draft, Stanford University's Cal Quantrill hasn't quite lived up to the hype but is still a highly regarded young pitcher. Quantrill joins Carlos Quentin as the only Q-named MLB players who also played for the Cardinal.
SP Mel Queen Sr. - -2.1 bWAR, 27-40, 5.09 ERA, 1.610 WHIP, 556.2 IP (1942-1952). A promising prospect with the Yankees, Queen battled injuries and then missed all of 1945 and some of 1946 to war service. His best season came near the end of his MLB career, going 7-9 with a 4.44 ERA as a swingman for the Pirates in 1951, but he would continue pitching in the Pacific Coast League for several years after that.
SP Rubén Quevedo - -3.4 bWAR, 14-30, 6.15 ERA, 1.652 WHIP, 326.1 IP (2000-2003). Quevedo was worth only -3.4 bWAR, but consider the Braves traded him to the Cubs for P Terry Mulholland and SS Jose Hernandez in 1999, the pair generating 1.8 bWAR for the Braves over the last two months of that season; two years later, the Cubs would trade him to the Brewers for RP David Weathers, who was worth 0.6 bWAR for the Cubs over the last two months of the season. So you might say Quevedo was worth 2.4 bWAR. You might say that. Anyway, Quevedo was a classic "tweener", as his fine minor league numbers (41-30, 3.54 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 682 K in 663.2 IP) never translanted to the bigs. Tragically, Quevedo died of a heart attack in 2016 at the age of 37.
Relief Pitchers: For whatever reason, there have been a number of fine relievers with last names starting with Q. Six relievers with a combined total of 54.4 bWAR.
RP Dan Quisenberry - 24.6 bWAR, 56-46, 244 SV, 2.76 ERA, 1.175 WHIP (1979-1990). When you list all the Qs in alphabetical order, Quisenberry comes up last, but he's probably the most famous. A three-time All-Star, five-time Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the Year, and five-time Sporting News Reliever of the Year, Quiz led the league in saves five times. In each of those seasons, he also pitched more than 100 innings, almost unheard of now for closers. His best season was probably 1983, when he went 5-3 with a then-MLB record 45 saves (1.94 ERA, 0.928 WHIP in 139.0 IP). Unlike today's closers, the right-handed submariner wasn't dominant -- he struck out just 3.3 batters per 9 innings -- but he also rarely gave up walks or home runs. He died at the age of 45 of brain cancer.
RP Paul Quantrill - 17.8 bWAR, 68-78, 21 SV, 3.83 ERA, 1.416 WHIP (1992-2005). A bullpen workhorse, Quantrill led the league in appearances in four straight seasons (2001-2004). The Canadian was an All-Star with the Blue Jays in 2001, but his best year was with the Dodgers in 2003 -- 1.75 ERA and 0.983 WHIP in 77.1 IP. In 2010, he was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. He's also Chad Quantrill's dad.
RP Mel Queen Jr. - 6.1 bWAR, 20-17, 14 SV, 3.14 ERA, 1.229 WHIP (1964-1972). Born in New York while his dad was pitching for the Yankees, young Mel became a high school star in the late 1950s while his dad was pitching for the Hollywood Stars of the Pacific Coast League. Queen came up as a batter, but after hitting just .170 as a position player, he was converted to a pitcher. (He'd hit .190 as a pitcher!) Mel was used as a starter in 1967, going 14-8 with a 2.76 ERA and a 1.058 WHIP in 195.2 IP, but spent most of his career working out of the bullpen. In 1971, he posted a 1.78 ERA in 44 appearances, striking out 53 in 65.2 IP.
RP Chad Qualls - 5.8 bWAR, 52-48, 74 SV, 3.89 ERA, 1.276 WHIP (2004-2017). A sinkeslider right-hander, Qualls was the epitome of the journeyman middle reliever -- he played for nine teams in his 14-year career. But he was largely pretty good, with a 109 ERA+, and he lasted 14 years, pitching until he was 38. Not bad at all. But he's probably best remembered for falling down while celebrating a strikeout in 2013. Oddly enough, a year earlier Qualls fell down during a pickoff attempt. Everybody needs a schtick.
RP Kevin Quackenbush - 0.5 bWAR, 13-15, 8 SV, 4.38 ERA, 1.329 WHIP (2014-2018). Quack was top duck in his impressive rookie year (2.48 ERA, 1.104 WHIP, 18 BB, 56 K in 54.1 IP) in 2014, but hasn't been able to return to that level since. He spent all of 2019 in Triple-A with the Dodgers, his fourth organization.
RP José Quijada - -0.4 bWAR, 2-3, 1 SV, 5.76 ERA, 1.787 WHIP (2019). A 24-year-old lefty, Quijada made his debut last year with the Marlins, striking out an eye-popping 44 batters in 29.2 innings. But he also walked 26 batters and hit four more so... he's a work in progress. The Marlins waived him after the season and now the Los Angeles Angels will try to teach him how to throw it over the plate.
The Q's who weren't high enough Quality: In the interest of completeness I present the other 26 players whose last name starts with Q.
Switch-hitting utilityman Jim Qualls (no relation to Chad) played briefly in the bigs, hitting .223 in 139 AB between 1969 and 1972, but is best remembered for breaking up Tom Seaver's perfect game with one out in the 9th inning on July 9, 1969. Qualls's left field single ended not just the perfecto but the no-no. Mets outfielder Ron Swoboda had a great line: "You ask, 'How much worse is a one-hitter?' It's the difference between being a virgin and not."
Tom Qualters was a so-called "bonus baby" and it ruined what chance he had to be a successful major leaguer. Until 1965, there was no draft in baseball -- amateurs could sign with any team they wanted. This of course meant the wealthiest teams would out-bid everyone else. (What, you thought Moneyball was a 21st century problem?) In 1947, baseball instituted a rule that any amateur player signed to a large contract had to be kept on the major league roster for two full seasons (dropped to one season in 1962). The thinking was big money teams like the Yankees wouldn't want to waste a roster spot on a raw rookie. But lots of teams did it anyway. The so-called "bonus babies" were sparingly used, if at all, and often shunned by their more experienced but less well-paid teammates. The rule led to many promising prospects wasting prime developmental years sitting on the bench. One such player was Tom Qualters, who was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies out of high school for $40,000. The 18-year-old was mockingly nicknamed "Money Bags" by his teammates and was given just one chance to pitch during his rookie year of 1953: He was thrown in during the 8th inning of a blowout loss in September, retiring one batter but allowing six runs on four hits and a walk, for a 162.00 ERA. Qualters would then spend all of 1954 watching from the bullpen. Qualters wouldn't get another chance to pitch in the bigs until 1957. According to Wikipedia, Qualters is the only pitcher to appear on a Topps baseball card in four separate seasons without ever recording a career win, loss, or save.
Bill Quarles pitched briefly for the American Association's Washington Statesmen in 1891, giving up 27 runs (but only 20 earned) in 22.0 IP as a 21-year-old. Two years later he would be back with the Boston Beaneaters of the National League, going 2-1 in three starts with a 4.67 ERA. He would continue pitching in the minors after that, but died in 1897 following surgery for an unknown condition. He was just 26 years old.
A long-time minor leaguer, George Quellich had just one brief moment in the big leagues, hitting .222 in 54 ABs with the Detroit Tigers in 1931. But he hit .347 -- with 200 hits, 36 doubles, and 31 home runs -- for Reading in the International League in 1929, and in 2008 (50 years after his death in a car accident) he was inducted into the International League Hall of Fame.
Venezuelan infielder Juniel Querecuto went 1-for-11 in four games for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2016 -- but the one hit was a triple. The switch-hitting Querecuto is now in the Arizona Diamondbacks system, and last year hit .288 in 102 games for the Reno Aces.
Quick is a great last name for a pitcher, but it didn't work out for Eddie Quick. Indeed, it would be his MLB career that was quick -- just two innings, giving up five runs (two earned) on five hits and a walk. He would stay in professional baseball for several years after that, pitching in the Western League, the Pacific Coast League, and the Pacific National League. He was still pitching semipro ball in 1913 but fell ill and later died of pneumonia. He was 31. Kind of odd... of the 51 guys on this list, several died quite young.
Apparently no relation, Hal "Blondie" Quick lived up to his last name with 14 triples for the Greenville Spinners in 1939, earning a September call-up to the Washington Senators where he'd collect 10 hits in 41 at-bats. But that would be his one and only chance in the majors. More impressively, he would spend 25 years in the United States Air Force, serving in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He earned two Bronze Stars and would retire a lieutenant colonel. He died in 1974, at the age of 56, of a heart condition and is buried at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery.
Lee Quillin was called up to the Chicago to play for the White Sox in the final days of the 1906 season, going 3-for-9 in four games as an infielder. The following year he'd get more of an opportunity, but he'd hit just .192 (29-for-151) and would spend the rest of his career in the minors... winning three straight Western League championships with Denver from 1911 to 1913.
Finners Quinlan got into 13 games with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1913, and then had 114 at-bats with the Chicago White Sox in 1915 -- hitting a combined .183. Before, in between, and after, Finners (his real name was Thomas, and I can't find a source for how he got the unusual nickname) played for minor league teams all over the country. Playing for the Salt Lake City Bees in the long-season Pacific Coast League in 1916, Quinlan had 241 hits, including 49 doubles, in 181 games. But his professional baseball career came to an abrupt end on November 9, 1918 when -- two days before the end of World War I -- shrapnel tore through his throwing arm. It would later be amputated, and he'd also lose an eye. After recovering, Quinlan would serve many years in various roles as an elected official in Pennsylvania.
Catcher Frank Quinlan went 0-for-5 in his one and only appearance with the Boston Reds of the American Association in 1891. He would later play pro ball all over New England for several more seasons. Yet another Q with an early death: He died at the age of 35 of heart failure.
Tom Quinlan, Robb Quinlan's big brother by nine years, only got 58 big-league at-bats scattered across four seasons... and seven years. Quinlan made his debut in 1990 and his exit in 1996, in between hitting .155 with one home run. He would end his professional career playing three seasons in the Korean League, hitting .233/.315/.490.
A shortstop known only as Quinlan got four at-bats with the National Association's Philadelphia Whites in 1874. He had a single and an RBI. Nothing else is known about him. Ditto for the outfieldeshortstop known only as Quinn, who had 8 plate appearances in two games with the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1875; he had one hit and scored two runs.
In 1899, Frank Quinn - -0.3 bWAR, .176/.300/.235 (49 OPS+) had 34 at-bats over 12 games as an outfielder and second baseman with the Chicago Orphans -- wait what, Chicago Orphans? That's right! They weren't officially known as the Cubs until 1907; they were the (blasphemy!) White Stockings from 1870-1889, and then the Colts from 1890-1897. Following a disappointing 59-73 finish in 1897, the Chicago team released playemanager Cap Anson -- who had been with the team since it was a founding member of the National League in 1876. Anson was known as "Pop" to the players, and as they were now without a "Pop", wags began to refer to the team as the "Orphans." The unofficial Cubs nickname started being used in 1902, and was officially adopted by the team five years later.
Fifty years later, another Frank Quinn made the bigs. This Quinn was a superb high school pitcher, once striking out 89 batters over five games and then in the sixth game threw a 17-strikeout one-hitter. He then led Yale to back-to-back collegiate league titles. He pitched in eight games for the Red Sox in 1949, posting a pretty good 2.86 ERA and 1.227 WHIP in 22.0 IP. But in spring training the following year he reported shoulder pain, and would get just one appearance in 1950, yielding two runs on two hits and a walk. His arm never recovered and he was done at the age of 22. When old-timers say that no one babied pitchers in the old days and they never got hurt, that's survivorship bias. There's lots of guys like Quinn who we never heard of because they blew out their arms before they made it.
John Quinn had only two MLB at-bats, both as a catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1911. He went 0-for-2.
Joseph Quinn got into three games in 1881, one with the Boston Red Stockings -- the team that would become the Boston Braves -- and two with the incredibly named Worcester Worcesters, sometimes also known by the perhaps even better name of Worcester Ruby Legs. Quinn went 1-for-7 as a catcher with Worcester and 0-for-4 as a first baseman with Boston; he would later be an umpire.
Pitcher Tad Quinn appeared in three games with the Philadelphia Athletics, once in 1902 and twice in 1903, giving up 15 runs (nine earned) on 23 hits and 6 walks in 17.0 innings.
As I noted earlier, 13 of the 51 Q's -- 25% of them -- have the last name Quinn. Of those 13, four -- 30% -- were catchers. There have been almost as many catchers named Quinn (4) as catchers with all other Q last names combined (5)! The last of the catching Quinns -- and as far as I can tell, none of them are related -- is Tom Quinn, who had 422 ABs between 1886 and 1890, hitting .185/.259/.232.
The majestically named Wellington Hunt Quinn is listed in the record books as "Wimpy." He pitched in three games for the Chicago Cubs in 1941, giving up four runs on three hits and three walks over five innings. But he had a much longer career as a minor leaguer -- and as a batter! Wimpy was a minor league corner infielder from 1939 to 1951 and hit .300+ six times, hit 20+ home runs three times, and 100+ RBIs four times. (He hit .500 in MLB... albeit it was 1-for-2.) With the Vancouver Capilanos in 1940, he hit .342 with 208 hits, 39 doubles, 15 triples, and 27 home runs. It's somewhat odd that the Cubs called him up as a pitcher, as his minor league pitching numbers weren't nearly as impressive -- 6.81 ERA, 1.878 WHIP in 189.0 IP. He would later be a manager. But Wimpy was yet another Q who died young, passing away at the age of 36 from cancer in 1954.
Lefty reliever Luis Quintana gave up six runs on 17 hits and 14 walks in 12.2 innings in 1974, and six runs on 13 hits and six walks in 7.0 innings in 1975, and that was it for his MLB career, though he would pitch in the minors into the early 80s. He died in a car crash at the age of 57 in 2009.
Marshall Quinton played in two MLB seasons, 1884 and 1885, hitting .228 in 123 AB as a catcher, shortstop, and outfielder. "Marsh" was twice arrested for stealing -- once in 1878 and again in 1890. He died at the age of 52 in 1904.
Lefty Rafael Quirico lasted just one game in the majors, getting rocked for seven runs on four hits and five walks in 1.2 innings as a member of the Phillies in 1996. A former Yankee prospect, Quirico had some flashes of excellence (2.26 ERA, 1.178 WHIP, 162 K in 155.1 IP in A-ball in 1991) but was never given another chance after that disastrous outing. The Phillies released him and the Angels picked him up, but he posted a 6.91 ERA in Double-A and they gave up on him as well.
Dartmouth College graduate Art Quirk had five starts and two relief appearances with the Orioles in '62 and three starts and four relief appearances with the Senators in '63, posting a combined 3-2 record with a 5.21 ERA and 1.759 WHIP in 48.1 IP. The lefty struck out 497 batters in 553.2 minor league innings but never made it back to the Show. He's apparently not related to the catcher Jamie Quirk.
Guillermo Quiroz was a journeyman backup catcher for 10 seasons, 2004 to 2014, playing for six different teams; he only topped 100 ABs in one season, with 134 in 2008. (He played 10 seasons and retired with 346 at-bats.) He's the type of guy every team needs stashed away in Triple-A in case of an injury. Quiroz hit .199/.256/.277.
Of special note is Billy Queen, who had two pinch-hit at-bats in 1954 with the Milwaukee Braves and struck out both times. I felt a little bad cutting him because it's the second time I did it: Billy had the nickname "Doc" but I couldn't uncover any actual medical training, and therefore I also left him off my All-Physician Team. But he will make my team of all guys who had two pinch hit at-bats but struck out both times.
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2020.07.02 04:44 JX_Basil I don't know what to expect from this team anymore, but i still have hope.

(this post will be split into 3 parts because i'm just now realising how much I've written)

So it's almost the summer showdown, and our first map is against LA Valiant. With this match up i feel like we could both win and lose at the same time. We can play some decent teams close, i mean we even took a map off the shock, and it would've at least been a 3-2 if it weren't for that moth boop on kings row. I don't know whether we're improving or getting worse. Yeah that Dallas game was rough, but it's not like we did at least play them close on some stages. And whilst yes Dallas got 3-0'd by Vancouver, that was in a different meta with hero pools. I'm not really used to these types of posts so here's what i'm gonna do: list all the players (or at least the main roster) and voice my opinions on them.
I think everyone's general consensus of this guy is that he's inconsistent. He can pop off and carry one day and then just disappear from the left side of the kill feed the next. The best thing the fans can do when he's fielded is just hope that he's not having an off day. Hopefully with him playing more then he'll become more consistent over time, i just hope that it doesn't take too long for that to happen.
Surefour has the ability to be insane and is still the teams most consistent damage dealer. however, from watching his streams he hasn't seemed fully happy and i can completely understand that. i do wish people would stop demanding for him to play. As someone who wants their team to win then i would rather have a player fielded that's happy and content, making them focus better than someone who's a little out of it in general and is lacking in focus. As a human being then i want Surefour to be happy and content, and if he's not, and the reason for that is the team he plays for is basically the laughing stock of the league right now, where none of his best heroes are meta(aside from maybe a little bit of Ashe?), meaning that he can't really do anything about it must be really hard on him. So if he doesn't need to play or feels too pressured or anxious to, then he doesn't have to. Obviously there might be other situations going on in his life that might be affecting him, so i'm just speaking about things going on with OWL. And if per chance that Mr. Lane Roberts sees this then i wish you well <3
- Agilities
I'm not really certain on what to say about Brady to be completely honest. His genji looked okay against Dallas the other day. From the clips I've seen of him on ladder, he's looking clean. I'm not a genji player so i'm not going to pretend that i know what he could do to improve, however, in a genji meta(never thought i'd say that seriously), with some tweaking, and some enabling from his team, then i think that this could be the key to at least be half decent in the summer showdown and not get knocked out in the first game we play. i really do have hope for Toronto in a meta like this, and i think that agilities can be that light at the end of the tunnel that everyone's been wanting.

In my opinion, Zykk is still unproven. if i recall correctly he's only played like 2 or 3 games since we signed him. I know that people say mei is his best hero and i don't doubt them on that. However i don't feel like we've seen enough of it (i will let it be known that i don't really watch contenders so if there are vods people want to send me then feel free, preferably YouTube links) to really prove much. I do think that his echo is pretty good. For me, it's by far the hero he most stuck out on. I don't really have much else to say about him other than i hope this signing works out really well in the long run.

It is currently 03:44 AM for me so i'm gonna wrap this up here. If you'd like me to talk about the tank and support lineup then let me know
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2020.07.01 19:50 thefestivalscribe An Open Letter to Bassnectar & Community

Dear Lorin,
It's been a while since I convinced a flight attendant to deliver a letter to you on a flight to Miami in January of this year. I expressed my gratitude for how the Bassnectar project has informed my healing process, and you held space by waiting for me after the flight in an extraordinary gesture of solidarity that I won't soon forget. I instantly viewed you as an unequivocal ally. I thought our paths might have crossed at that moment in time so that you and your team could support a project that I've been wanting to launch surrounding consent culture in nightclubs. Why wouldn't I want to be guided by the team that has been a leader in curating safer spaces at events?
Now I wonder whether our paths might have crossed so that I can offer perspective and suggestions for how to engage with this nuanced dialogue regarding the intersection of power dynamics and consent. The rest of the letter is addressed to the community at large.
I want to start by saying that I stand in solidarity with all all survivors of sexual assault. I also want to admit that it is hard for me to be objective since I have such a strong connection with Bassnectar's music. I will try my best, and I hope that my humble perspective as a rape survivor can offer some thought-provoking insight. I'm not an expert on consent, but I have learned a lot through nearly two years of somatic therapy and considerable research, and the following reflections are an expression of that. I am not affiliated with Good Night Out (referenced below), and my opinions do not reflect theirs.
I am not here to excuse problematic behavior, but in order for change to occur, I believe that we need to offer both direct and indirect perpetrators of rape culture the opportunity to change. We have every right to hold them accountable, especially those in a position of power.
"Rape culture exists because we don't believe it does" (The Nation). The corollary to this is that we don't believe rape culture exists because of the lack of education around rape and consent.
Rape is not black and white. But I used to think that it was. I used to think that only strangers violently raped women in dark alleys. Why did I think this? Because of the way that I was socialized and educated about rape and consent. I internalized this to the point where I normalized a traumatizing experience that I had when I was 17 because I lacked the vocabulary to appropriately characterize it as rape.
I want to propose a potentially controversial question that I do not know the answer to: if I didn't know that I was raped, then by extension, isn't it plausible (not excusable) that men didn't know that they were sexually assaulting women? This kind of behavior was normalized for so long, and the #metoo movement is helping to redefine these lines and consent.
Most of the dialogue surrounding the aftermath of the #metoo movement has focused on how women can heal. But women aren't the problem. We must also focus on how men can confront, transform, and heal from the toxic and problematic hyper masculinity under which they were socialized. We need to address the root of the problem (rape) rather than its consequences (survivors). If you agree with this, then we must give men the opportunity to do better and to meet the new standard that women are proactively defining.
I have immersed myself within the dialogue surrounding consent at nightclubs over the last 18 months. One thing I have learned is that consent is a gray area that requires a dedicated mindfulness to successfully navigate. It is an ongoing conversation in my own relationship of seven years.
Having consensual sex with a girl under 18 (as long as she is "of age" as defined by the state) is different from intentionally inebriating an underage girl to the point where she cannot consent. It is a thin line, but it's worth acknowledging. There is a spectrum of harm. What makes the former particularly complicated within the current Bassnectar discourse is its intersection with power dynamics. Here's another challenging question for the community: how is consent impacted by power dynamics?
I am not exonerating the former, but I am attempting to draw a parallel between this type of problematic behavior and sexual harassment such as groping a girl at a club. Are either of these acts technically illegal? As far as I can tell, no. Are they still problematic? Absolutely.
This is where the idea of calling in vs. calling out comes in. I recently came across this concept in a virtual workshop led by Stacey Forrester of Good Night Out Vancouver, and I hope that my platform can eventually be an extension of Good Night Out's. I used to think that taking a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment at music venues was the solution. In other words, let's kick the guy out for groping the girl without her permission, no questions asked. I learned that I was wrong. It's not so black and white. We need to hold space for people to ask questions and to learn from their mistakes. This is an essential part of growth.
In this workshop, I learned that "people who are socialized under toxic and hyper masculinity are taking cues from social norms, and they have not had people model better standards of behavior. There's no opportunity for modeling and culture change if you just remove the person." If I may apply this same logic to the Bassnectar discourse, there will be no opportunity for modeling and culture change if we just "cancel" Bassnectar, especially because Bassnectar is quite literally a model for culture change.
I believe that Bassnectar's influence is the key to this paradigm shift within the EDM community. A local music venue in San Francisco blew me off when I tried to proactively address my experience of sexual harassment at their venue, but they listened to the artist's team that stood up for me. This is why I was so excited when I randomly met Lorin on a flight. He expressed enthusiasm and support for my idea, and I couldn't help but imagine how far it could go with his platform's support. I believe that this dialogue's success within this community is contingent upon the artists who hold the power, and Bassnectar is fundamentally one of those artists. Perhaps he misused his power in the past. I suggest that we give him the opportunity to leverage his position of power to challenge and shift these paradigms that exist within the community.
I want to hold myself accountable and ask myself whether I would offer my rapist the same opportunity. The honest answer is that I am not interested in or ready for contact at this time, but I imagine that I would feel gratified if I were to find out that he was taking time to educate himself and regularly donating to organizations that spread awareness about sexual violence. He is more than welcome to pay for my therapy. I'm going to challenge myself to consider what "calling in" might look like within my personal context and how it could inform my healing process.
I want to conclude by addressing Lorin directly. I read in your public-facing follow-up statement that you feel embarrassed and ashamed. Well, we have that in common, because I also feel embarrassed and ashamed as a survivor. I'm trying to transform these feelings into action to prevent others from experiencing these feelings, and I invite you to consider using your influence to do the same.
One way to do this would be for the Bassnectar team participate in the Good Night Out workshop that G Jones and his crew participated in before their Ineffable Truth tour. Everyone on the tour had a baseline set of skills around rape culture and bystander intervention.The entire crew signed a code of conduct, and Good Night Out wrote a safety rider for the tour manager to distribute to the security staff at each show on the tour. I would love to see the Bassnectar team sponsor similar programming at all curated events and festivals that they play. Good Night Out is currently hosting virtual sessions, and this dialogue is very available to be engaged with immediately.
For the community, please consider educating yourself about how to be an active bystander. Feel free to [get in touch with me](mailto:[email protected]) about 7 ways to challenge harassment culture. I would love to share how I have integrated what I learned from these workshops into my life.
When it comes to challenging rape culture, it's not about changing the past, it's about affecting change for the future. That's how I've come to think of it. I cannot change what happened to me, but if I can further the dialogue then it will save others. Paying for therapy will go a long way in helping people confront their past, but modeling a better standard of behavior by investing in this programming is a simple and pragmatic way to help the men in the industry who likely take cues from the social norms to confront and transform their problematic masculinity.
With gratitude, humility, and respect,
~The Festival Scribe
Link to post: https://www.thefestivalscribe.com/single-post/2020/06/30/Untitled
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2020.06.29 11:10 Dr_Sargunz Due Diligence: Toromont Industries Ltd. - Building Together For An Exciting Future

Due Diligence: Toromont Industries Ltd. - Building Together For An Exciting Future
This is my first attempt at writing a DD report. I hope it makes sense.
Just a few cautionary words:
  • Grammar (and English in general) is not a skill of mine. There will be a few parts that you might have to decipher, good luck.
  • I tried not to provide too much commentary and stick to the facts. I know you are spending your valuable time reading this and you probably don't want to listen to some random guy on the internet pontificate.
  • For those of you who are easily offended/triggered, can't take a joke, or sarcasm isn't your taste, DO NOT click the spoilers.
Lastly, the following is just my findings, by no means is it a representation of all the information out there. It is just the baseline for me to have confidence in becoming an owner of the Company. Do your own due diligence or talk to a financial advisor to find what is best for you and your financial situation.
Happy reading!


  • Over the last 5 years the stock price has more than doubled.
  • Toromont dominates market share over everything east of Manitoba in Canada.
  • Customer base is heavily diversified, giving the Company many opportunities to expand into multiple industries.
  • Dividend has increased for 31 consecutive years. It has been paid for 52 consecutive years
  • The management team is extremely knowledgeable and have a good track record


Toromont Industries Ltd. (TSE:TIH) provides specialized equipment in Canada and the United States. The Company operates two business segments: The Equipment Group and CIMCO. The Equipment Group supplies specialized mobile equipment and industrial engines for Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT). Customers for this business segment vary from infrastructure contractors, residential and commercial contractors, mining companies, forestry companies, pulp and paper producers, general contractors, utilities, municipalities, marine companies, waste handling companies, and agricultural enterprises. CIMCO offers design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of industrial and recreational refrigeration systems.
The Company was founded in 1961 and operates out of Concord, Ontario. As at December 31, 2019, Toromont employed over 6,500 people in more than 150 locations across central/eastern Canada and the upper eastern United States.
The primary objective of the Company is to build shareholder value through sustainable and profitable growth, supported by a strong financial foundation.

Description of the 2 Main Business Segments

  1. The Equipment Group includes the following 6 business units:
  • Toromont CAT: one of the world’s largest Caterpillar dealerships which supplies, rents, and provides product support services for specialized mobile equipment and industrial engines
  • Battlefield Equipment Rentals: supplies and rents specialized mobile equipment as well as specialty supplies and tools.
  • Toromont Material Handling: supplies, rents, and provides product support services for material handling lift trucks
  • AgWest: an agricultural equipment and solutions dealer representing AGCO, CLAAS and other manufacturers’ products
  • SITECH: provides Trimble Inc (NASDAQ:TRMB technology products and services. Trimble is a SaaS company that provides positioning, modeling, connectivity, and data analytics software which enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability. Target industries: land survey, construction, agriculture, transportation, telecommunications, asset tracking, mapping, railways, utilities, mobile resource management, and government.)
  • Toromont Energy: supplies, constructs, and operates high efficiency power plants up to 50 MW, using Caterpillar's leading power generation technologies. Toromont Energy operates plants that supply energy to hospitals, district energy systems, and industrial processes.
  • Performance in this segment mainly depends on the activity in several industries: road building and other infrastructure-related activities, mining, residential and commercial construction, power generation, aggregates, waste management, steel, forestry, and agriculture.
  • Revenues are driven by the sale, rental, and servicing of mobile equipment for Caterpillar and other manufacturers to the industries listed above.
  • In addition, Toromont is the MaK engine dealer for the Eastern seaboard of the United States, from Maine to Virginia.
  • MaK engine is a marine diesel engine manufactured by Caterpillar
  1. CIMCO is a market leader in the design, engineering, fabrication, installation and after-sale support of refrigeration systems
  • Performance in this segment is dependent on the activity in several industries: beverage and food processing, cold storage, food distribution, mining, and recreational ice rinks.
  • CIMCO has manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States and sells its solutions globally.
  • CIMCO services the ice rinks of 23 out of 31 NHL teams. So if you are watching a game and the ice is shitty, you know who to blame… the Ice Girls, obviously.
  • For those of you who live in the GTA and have skated on The Barbara Ann Scott Ice Trail at College Park, the trail was created using CIMCO proprietary CO2 refrigeration technology.


CEO, Scott J. Medhurst has been with the company since 1988. He was appointed President of Toromont CAT in 2004 and he came into his current position as President and CEO in 2012. He is a graduate of Toromont’s Management Trainee Program.
CFO, Mike McMillan joined the executive team in March of 2020. His predecessor, Paul Jewer is retiring this year and has been working with McMillan during the transition period.
VP and COO, Michael Chuddy has been with Toromont since 1995.
On average, leaders have 29 years of business experience and have served at Toromont for 19 years. Seeing long tenures, good stock performance, excellent business planning and execution is usually a sign of strong leadership. In addition, insiders hold more than 3% (~$175 million) of the company’s outstanding shares. Medhurst owns more than 170 thousand shares, Chuddy owns just under 100 thousand shares and the former CEO and current Independent Chairman of Board of Directors, Robert Ogilvie owns more than 2 million shares, making him the 4th largest stockholder. High insider ownership typically signals confidence in a company's prospects. Compare this to Toromont’s main Canadian competitor, Finning, where insiders own less than 0.4% ($12 million) of the company (this number varies depending on where you look, I just took the highest one I found).
Recently insiders have been selling stock (Figure 1). I cannot speak to the reasons why insiders are selling but the remaining position owned by the insider is sizable and demonstrates that the executive still has confidence in the company. Some of the reasons insiders sell are: they don't believe in the company’s future, they need money for personal use, they are rebalancing their portfolio, among others.
Figure 1: Buy and selling activity of insiders (the data is from MarketBeat, so take that for what it's worth).
On a somewhat unrelated but still related note, 50% of Toromont employees are also shareholders.

Growth Strategies

Toromont has five growth strategies (expand markets, strengthen product support, broaden product offerings, invest in resources, and maintain a strong financial position). I chose to focus on the following two strategies, as they seemed most prevalent.
  1. Expand Markets
  • Toromont serves a wide variety of end markets: mining, road building, power generation, infrastructure, agriculture, and refrigeration. This allows for many opportunities for growth while staying true to their core competency. Further expansion into new markets doesn't require Toromont to build a whole new business model or learn the intricacies of the new industry because their products stays the same. Thus, the main concern is the application/selection of the products for the customer.
  • Expansion is generally incremental. Each business unit focuses on market share growth and when the right opportunity presents itself, geographic expansion is archived through acquisitions.
  1. Strengthening Product Support
  • In an industry where price competition is high, product support activities represent opportunities to develop closer relationships with customers and differentiate Toromont’s product and service offering from competitors. After-market support is an integral part of the customer's decision-making process when purchasing equipment.
  • Product support revenues are more consistent and profitable.

Growth Through Acquisition

Rapid growth in this industry is generally driven through acquisitions. Toromont has gone through multiple acquisitions since the 90’s:
  • Acquisition of the Battlefield Equipment Rentals in 1996
    • Toromont grew Battlefield from one location to 82 locations
  • Acquisition of two privately held agricultural dealerships in Manitoba to form AgWest Equipment Ltd
  • Acquisition of Hewitt Group of companies in Q3 2017 for a total consideration of $1.0177 billion
    • $917.7 million cash ($750 million of which was finances through unsecured debt) plus the issuance of 2.25 million Toromont shares (equating to $100 million based on the 10 day average share price)
Acquisition of Hewitt Group of companies
This acquisition allowed Toromont to make headway into the Quebec, Western Labrador, and Maritime markets, as Hewitt was the authorized Caterpillar dealer of these regions. Hewitt was also the Caterpillar lift truck dealer of Quebec and most of Ontario and the MaK marine engine dealer for Québec, the Maritimes, and the Eastern seaboard of the United States (from Maine to Virginia).
Toromont had total assets of $1.51 billion before the acquisition, the acquisition added $1.024 billion in assets, nearly doubling the balance sheet (look at Figure 2 for more details about the acquisition).
Figure 2: (all numbers are in thousands) The final allocation of the purchase price was as of Dec 31, 2018, Note 25 of 2018 Annual Report. $1.024 billion was added to the Toromont’s B/S
Large acquisitions like this one can be the downfall of a company. Here are some of the risks highlighted by management at the time of the acquisition:
  • Potential for liabilities assumed in the acquisition to exceed our estimates or for material undiscovered liabilities in the Hewitt Business
  • Changes in consumer and business confidence as a result of the change in ownership
  • Potential for third parties to terminate or alter their agreements or relationships with Toromont as a result of the acquisition
  • Whether the operations, systems, management, and cultures of Hewitt and Toromont can be integrated in an efficient and effective manner
In 2018, the Company started and successfully completed the integration of the Maritime dealerships acquired through Hewitt under Toromont’s decentralized branch model (bottom up approach). Under a decentralized model, regional leadership make business decisions based on local conditions, rather than taking top down mandates. A bottom up approach is an advantage in businesses like Toromont where the customer mix can vary vastly from region to region. It allows for decision-making that is better aligned with customemarket needs and more attuned to the key performance indicators used to manage the business. In 2019, the integration of the decentralized branch model was implemented in Quebec after its success in Atlantic Canada in 2018. Successful integration of Hewitt into the Toromont family shows the depth of industry and business knowledge possessed by the management team. Being able to maintain inherited customer relationships and ensure low turnover is no easy feat. Many companies have completely botched these kinds of acquisitions. One that comes to mind is Sobeys (the second largest food retailer in Canada) acquiring Safeway for $5.8 billion. Three years later, they wrote off $2.9 billion as a loss because they did not anticipate the differences in consumer habits in Western Canada vs Eastern Canada, among other oversights.
The result of the acquisition and Hewitt’s integration with Toromont’s existing business produced a 39% increase in EPS in 2018 and 14% increase in 2019.


Toromont pays a quarterly dividend and has historically targeted a dividend rate that approximates 30 - 40% of trailing earnings from continuing operations.
In February 2020 the Board of Directors increased the quarterly dividend by 14.8% to $0.31 per share. This marked the 31st consecutive year of increasing dividends and 52nd consecutive year of making a dividend payment. The five-year dividend-growth rate is 12.09%.
Table 1: Information about the last eight dividends

Risks/Threats and Mitigation

Dependency on Caterpillar Inc.
It goes without saying that Toromont’s future is heavily dependent on Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT). For those who don't know, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives. It has a market cap in excess of $68 billion. All purchases made by Toromont must be made from Caterpillar. This agreement has been standing since 1993 and can be terminated by either side with 90 days notice.
Given that the vast majority of Toromont’s inventory is Caterpillar products, Caterpillar’s brand strength and market acceptance are essential factors for Toromont’s continued success. I would say that the probability of either of these being damaged to an unrecoverable point are low, but at the beginning of this year, I would have said the probability of the world coming to a complete stop was very low too and look at what happened. Anything is possible. The reason this is a major consideration is because it's a going concern issue. Going conference is an accounting term for a company that has the resources needed to continue operating indefinitely until it provides evidence to the contrary. This term also refers to a company's ability to make enough money to stay afloat or to avoid bankruptcy. If there was irrevocable damage to Caterpillar’s brand, Toromont is no longer a going concern, meaning the company would most likely be going bankrupt or liquidating assets. The whole Company might not go under because the CIMCO, SITECH, and AgWest business units would survive but, essentially ~80% of the business would be liquidated.
In addition to the morbid scenario I laid out above, Toromont is also dependent on Caterpillar for timely supply of equipment and parts. There is no assurance that Caterpillar will continue to supply its products in the quantities and time frames required by Toromont’s customers. So if there is supply chain shock, like the one we just saw, there is the chance that Toromont will not have access to sufficient inventory to meet demand. Which in turn would lead to the loss of revenue or even to the permanent loss of customers.
Again, both of these threats have low a probability of occurring but either could single handedly cripple Toromont’s business. As of now, Caterpillar continues to dominate a large market share (~38% as per Gurufocus) in the industry against large competitors like John Deere, CNH Industrial, Cummins, and others.
Caterpillar's stock has been on a slow decline for a couple years but that is due to reasons beyond the ones that directly concern Toromont’s day-to-day operations. I would say if you don't believe in Caterpillar’s continued market share dominance, investing in Toromont is probably not for you.
Shortage of Skilled Workers
Shortage of skilled tradesmen represents a pinch point for industry growth. Demographic trends are reducing the number of individuals entering the trades, thus making access to skilled individuals more difficult. Additionally, the company has several remote locations which makes attracting and retaining skilled individuals more difficult. The lack of such workers in Canada has caused Toromont to become more assertive and thoughtful in their recruitment efforts.
To combat this threat, Toromont has/is:
  • Recruited 303 technicians to achieve growth targets
  • Created 208 student apprenticeship programs
  • Working with 19 vocational institutions in Toronto to teach about best practices and introduce the Company as a future employer to students
As a result of these initiatives and others, Toromont saw their workforce grow by ~8% 2019. Growing the workforce is one of the primary building blocks for future growth.
Cyclical Business Cycle
Toromont’s business is cyclical due to its customers' businesses being cyclical. This affects factors such as exchange rates, commodity/precious metal pricing, interest rates, and most importantly, inventory management. To mitigate this issue, management has put more focus on increasing revenues from product support activities as they are more profitable than the equipment supply business and less volatile.
Environmental Regulations Affecting Customers
Toromont’s customers are subject to significant and ever-increasing environmental legislation and regulation. This leads to 2 impacts:
  1. Technical difficulty in meeting environmental requirements in product design -> increased costs
  2. Reduction in business activity of Toromont’s customers in environmentally sensitive areas -> reduced revenues
Threats such as these come with a business of this type. As an investor in Toromont, you can't do much to mitigate these kinds of threats because it's out of your hands. Oil and gas, mining, forestry, and infrastructure projects are major drivers of the Canadian economy, so I think there will always be opportunity for Toromont to make money, regardless of government action.
Impact of COVID19
While the company had been declared as an essential service in all jurisdictions that it operates in, Q1 2019 results were lower as a function of COVID19 reducing activity in many sectors that Toromont services. Decline in mining and construction projects lead to a decrease in demand for Toromont products in the latter part of the quarter. Revenues were trending for 5-7% growth for the quarter before the effects of COVID19 were felt.
Management cannot provide any guidance on how to evaluate the impact of COVID19 on future financial results. They are focusing on ensuring the continued safety of employees and working with customers and the jurisdiction they operate in to evaluate appropriate activity levels on a daily/weekly basis. Lastly, management is keeping a close eye on how this crisis has led to an increase in A/R delinquencies and financial hardship for customers.
The Executive Team and the Board of Directors have taken a voluntary compensation reduction. Wage increase freezes and temporary layoffs have been implanted on a selective basis. Management believes that expanding product offerings and services, strong financial position, and disciplined operating culture positions the Company well for continued growth in the long term.
Toromont competes with a large number of international, national, regional, and local suppliers. Although price competition can be strong, there are a number of factors that have enhanced Toromont’s ability to compete:
  • Range and quality of products and services
  • Ability to meet sophisticated customer requirements
  • Distribution capabilities including number and proximity of locations
  • Financing through CAT Finance
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Reputation
  • Financial health

Main Competitor in Canada: Finning International Inc.

Finning International Inc. (TSE:FTT) is the world's largest Caterpillar dealer that sells, rents and provides parts and service for equipment and engines to customers across diverse industries, including mining, construction, petroleum, forestry and a wide range of power systems applications. Finning was founded in 1933 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Toromont Industries Ltd Finning International Inc.
Market Cap $5.84B $3.02B
Price $65.66 $18.49
Dividend Yield 1.87% 4.36%
Number of Employees >6,500 >13,000
Revenues (ttm) $3.69B $7.57B
Trailing P/E Ratio 19x 11x
Price/Book 3.71x 1.35x
Profit Margin 7.71% 3.54%
Places of Operations Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador, most of Nunavut, and the Northeastern United States British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, a portion of Nunavut, UK, Ireland, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile
Table 2: A quick comparison between Toromont and Finning.
I am sure there are some people looking at this table and thinking Finning looks rather promising based on the metrics shown, especially in comparison to Toromont. Finning’s dividend yield, P/E, and price/book look more attractive. Their top line is 2x. Not to mention it operates worldwide and is the only distributor in the UK, while Toromont only operates in half of Canada.>! Before you go off thinking “I need to use my HELOC to buy some Finning,” as some people on this subreddit are prone to do, ask yourself: do you see any cause for concern in the metrics listed above? !<
One glaring question I have is: why is Finning trading at half of Toromont’s market cap given that it operates internationally and has twice the number of employees and revenues of Toromont?

Q1 2020 Financial Results

Figure 3: Q1 2020 Income Statement
Overall operating income, net earnings, and EPS all decreased even though Toromont saw an increase in revenue for the quarter compared to Q1 of 2019.
  • All of these decreases were contributed to COVID19, as the pandemic lead to increases in costs
Historically, Q1 has always been Toromont’s weakest quarter. Q1 accounts for ~20% of yearly earnings and is consistently the least profitable quarter. Toromont’s profit margin generally ranges from 5%-9% progressively increasing into the later half of the year. This is good news for investors with the thesis that the economy will return to "somewhat normal" in the latter half of this year. The majority of the earnings for 2020 are still on the table for Toromont to earn. If current conditions persist, or there is a second wave and lockdown later in the year, we will most likely see a regression in Toromont’s growth to last year’s levels or even lower.
Assuming the world does return to “normal,” many of Toromont’s customers (especially in mining and construction) may try to catch up for lost time with increases to their operational activity, leading to an increase in Toromont’s sales for the remainder of the year. Of course this is a major assumption but it’s a possibility.
Below is a comparison of the last eight quarters. You can see the clear cyclical nature of their business.
Figure 4: Last eight quarters of earnings

Sources of Liquidity

  • Toromont has access to a $500 million revolving credit facility, maturing in October 2022
  • On April 17 2020 they secured an additional $250 million as a one year syndicate facility
Cash Position
  • Cash increased by 22.6 million for the quarter
  • Cash from operations increased 13% Q1 2020 compared to Q1 2019
  • The company also drew $100 million from their revolving credit facility
  • $4 million dollars of stocks were repurchased during Q1 2020
Given their access to $750.0 million dollars of credit and cash on hand equaling $388.2 million, the Company should have sufficient liquidity to operate if COVID19 and its aftermath persist for an extended period of time.

Financial Analysis

Analysis of Debt
Historically, Toromont has had very low debt levels. The spike in late 2017 was due to the acquisition of Hewitt. Management paid off the debt aggressively in 2018. At the end of December 2019 Toromont had $650 million of debt maturing between 2025 and 2027. As a result of COVID19 the company has taken on more debt. This additional access to debt accounts of the slight uptick in historical debt in 2020 (Figure 5).
Figure 5: Toromont’s historical debt, equity, and cash
The long-term debt to capitalization ratio is a variation of the traditional debt-to-equity ratio. The long-total debt to capitalization ratio is a solvency measure that shows the proportion of debt a company uses to finance its assets, relative to the amount of equity used for the same purpose. A higher ratio means that a company is highly leveraged, which generally carries a higher risk of insolvency with it.
The debt-to-equity ratio is at 47% and debt-to-capitalization ratio is 32%, Toromont has $388 million in cash that could be used to pay down debt by nearly 50% and bring the net debt-to-equity to 23% and net debt-to-capitalization to 18%. As mentioned before, management is holding on to cash to insure sufficient liquidity during these times.
The implication of these ratios is that Toromont does not take on large amounts of debt to finance growth. Instead the Company leverages shareholders equity to drive growth.
For comparison, Finning has a debt-to-equity ratio of ~100% (it differs between WSJ, 99%, and Yahoo Finance, 101%). The nominal amount of their total debt is ~$2.2 billion, which gives them a long-term debt to capitalization ratio 62%. Finning carries $260 million in cash.
Figure 6: Toromont’s debt-to-capitalization and debt-to-equity ratios
Profitability Ratios
Return on equity (also known as return on net assets) measures how effectively management is using a company’s assets to create profits.
Toromont’s return on equity is generally around 20%. Go to Figure 6 to look at the ROE for the last 4 years. In comparison, Finning has had a ROE of ~11% for the last three years, about 3% in 2016 and a negative ROE in 2015 (as per Morningstar).
Return on capital employed (ROCE) tries to find the return relative to the total capital employed in the business (both debt & equity less short-term liabilities). Toromont’s ROCE (ttm) for March 31 2020 was 22%. This means for every dollar employed in the business 22 cents were earned in EBIT (earnings before interest and tax). Finning had a ROCE of 11% as of December 2019.
Liquidity Ratios
Working capital is the amount of cash and other current assets a business has available after all its current liabilities are accounted for. In the last ten years, Toromont’s working capital has fluctuated between 1.6 at its lowest (2018) to 2.8 at its highest (2016). At the end of 2019 it was at 1.8. Meaning current liabilities equate to 60% of current assets.
Interest coverage ratio is used to determine how easily a company can pay their interest expenses on outstanding debt. Toromont has an interest coverage ratio 15x (as per WSJ). Finning on the other hand is at 4x. At this point I feel like I'm just beating up on Finning.
For those of you who made it this far, I have to admit something to you. This whole post is just a facade to ask you a question that has never been asked on this subreddit before: Should I buy BPY.UN? It keeps going down and I'm worried if I buy it, it will keep going down and I'll lose money. I don't want to lose money. Although if you go through my post history, you'll see I've been looking at/buying penny stocks.

Key Performance Measures

Below is a chart with key financial measures for the last four years. A few things I want to highlight:
  • Toromont had large capital expenditure last year (most of it went to increasing inventory) so they have the choice to keep capital expenditure down this year and preserve cash
  • From the start of 2018 (aka end of 2017) to the end of 2018 Toromont stock was down about 3% while the TSX Composite was down more 12% and S&P was down 7%. This stock has a history of out performance not only on the upside but also on the downside. I'll go into a bit more detail in the next section.
Figure 7: Summary of key financial measure for the last four years

Price Chart Comparisons

I don't do technical analysis. To those who do, good luck to you because let's be real, you'll need it. This section is just to get an idea of past performance and evaluate the opportunity cost of investing in Toromont compared to a competitor or a board based index fund.
I thought it would be easier to look at pictures as opposed to reading a bunch of numbers off a table.
For the sake of not creating a picture album of screenshots, I just looked at charts for the last 5 years. If you're interested in looking at different time intervals you can do so on google finance.

  1. Toromont Industries Ltd v. Finning International Inc.
Figure 8: Five year price chart of TIH v. FTT
These are the only two Caterpillar distributors on the TSX, making them direct comparisons. If I was looking for exposure to this industry, I would be choosing between these two companies (on the TSX anyways). There isn't really much to evaluate here. It's like they saying: “A picture is a thousand words,” or in this case, it's 128%. If you have time, go look at the graph from August 1996 to now. I can safely say it hasn't been much of a competition. Toromont has outperformed by ~2500% in stock price appreciation alone. If you're a glass half full kind of person, I guess you could look at this disparity as Finning having enormous upside. LOL

  1. Toromont Industries Ltd v. S&P 500 Index
Figure 9: Five year price chart of TIH v. VFV
If I'm not buying individual stocks, I’m buying the S&P 500 and to a lesser extent a Nasdaq index fund. This gives me a second look at the opportunity cost of my money. The story is not as bad as the Finning comparison. If you had bought $100 dollars of Toromont stock 5 years ago, it would have turned into $207 today, whereas the same $100 dollars in VFV would have became $157.
Just a quick aside, you can see the volatility in Toromont’s stock is much higher compared to the VFV. VFV has a relatively smooth trend upwards while Toromont trends upwards in a jagged path. This is the risk of single stocks, they move up and down more erratically, leading inventors who don't have a grasp of the business or conviction in their pick to panic sell or post countless times on Reddit asking why their stocks keep going down. “I bought the stock last week and it's done 3% already, do you guys think it’s going bankrupt? I thought stonks only go up???”

  1. Toromont Industries Ltd v. S&P/TSX Capped Industrials Index
Figure 10: Five year price chart of TIH v. ^TTIN
The S&P/TSX Capped Industrials Index isn't my favourite comparison for Toromont because its constituents cover many industries ranging from waste management (WCN), to railways (CNCP), to Airlines (AC, lol, had to mention it. I miss the days when there were double digits posts about AC. I wonder where those people have gone, because I can tell you where AC stock has gone... absolutely nowhere). Regardless, I used TTIN because I deemed it a better comparison to Toromont than the entire TSX. The story is on par with the other two comparisons. Toromont’s out performance is significant.
I just threw this bonus chart in here because when I saw it, I was like BRUHHH (insert John Wall meme)… It's completely unsustainable but that's impressive given the vast differences between the two.
  1. Toromont Industries Ltd v. NASDAQ-100
Figure 11: Five year price chart of TIH v. ZQQ
Now, of course, past performance does not dictate future results and all that good stuff, but it really gets you thinking about how the rewards disproportionately favours winners compared to the overall market. People are generally happy getting market returns (i.e. the just buy VGRO people) but being able to pick even a few winners really pays. This reminds me of the Warren Buffet quote: “diversification is protection against ignorance.” The context of the quote is that if you are able to study a few industries in great depth and acquire a wealth of knowledge, you can see returns astronomically higher than those who diversify across the board market. The problem then becomes you put yourself at risk of having all your eggs in one basket. Look at what's happening with Wirecard in Europe right now. This is why the real skill in investing is managing risk.

Analyst Price Targets and Estimates

The prince targets set for by analysts range from $63-$81. The average price target is ~$72, with the majority of targets within the 70-$71 range. Given the current price of $65.66, there is a ~10% upside. These price targets haven't changed much due to COVID19 even though revenues and EPS forecasts have been downgraded for 2020. The consensus estimate on 2020 revenues is $3.36 billion, down from the actual revenues of $3.69 billion in 2019 and the consensus EPS for 2020 is $3.01 down from actual EPS of $3.52 for 2019 and $3.10 for 2018. The fact that revenues and EPS forecasts have been downgraded, yet price targets remain untouched, for the most part, indicates that the effects of COVID19 are expected to be short-lived.
Figure 12: Earnings and estimate ranges for Toromont. Note: EPS numbers in this graphic are diluted EPS numbers.


Assuming P/E ratio stays the same as it has been for the last 12 months (~19x) and EPS goes down to ~$3.00 (as per analyst consensus), the implied price would be $57.
Using the last 12 months of revenues, the EV-to-Revenues ratio is at 1.56x. Assuming that ratio stays the same and with revenues estimated to be ~$3.36 billion, enterprise value (EV) comes out to $5.2416 billion. Using Q1 2020 figures for shares outstanding (82.015 million), cash ($388.182 million), and debt ($745.703 million), the implied price for a share is $58.94*.
\Note: Enterprise Value is equal to market cap plus total debt minus cash.)
Dividend Discount Model
The dividend discount model (DDM) is a method of valuing a company's stock price based on the theory that its stock is worth the sum of all of its future dividend payments, discounted back to their present value.
The average dividend growth rate is 12% for the last 5 years is 12%. There is no way Toromont can increase the dividend at this pace in the long term, thus, I chose a long term dividend growth rate of 5%. This is the assumed rate in perpetuity. The required rate of return will equal WACC, 6.85% (averaged from 2019 Annual Report). The dividend over the last year is $1.16 (two payments of $0.27 in 2019 and two payments of $0.31 for 2020).
The fair value equals $65.84.
Figure 13: DDM calculation.

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt that Toromont trades at a large premium. The current P/E is 19x and the CAPE ratio (Shiller P/E) is 26x. The fair value of the Company as per Morningstar research is in the mid $60 range.
Based on all valuations I did and analyst price targets, I would start buying in the high $50 range or maybe the very low $60 range, but my belief in the company has to do with long term thematic trends and how the Company operates, rather than today's price. Although I have to admit, the price does look more attractive now than it did in the beginning of June when the stock hit new all time highs. It seems like the only companies hitting new all time highs these days are tech companies, so it's refreshing to find a non-tech company achieving the same feat.
Toromont is not going to double next year or the year after that. It is a relatively low margin business, with slow growth and a cyclical business cycle. I like that the Company has strong financials, low debt, and good management. They don't take shortcuts or unwarranted risk. Future growth will mostly be driven through acquisition, but management is cautious with acquisitions and don't overextend themselves. One of the biggest problems Finning has been facing for the last couple years is political and social turmoil in South American countries which is affecting their mining clients and thus affecting revenues/margins.
The Q2 earnings are reported on July 22 202. We should have a clearer picture on the prospects of the Company from management. Hopefully we have a better idea of the COVID19 situation by then too. Regardless, I think the company is in a position where its services will always be in demand so short term fluctuations are not something that shake my confidence in this pick.

Limitations and Further Areas of Research

By no means is this an exhaustive due diligence report. This is enough for me to feel confident in the business and its trajectory. Limitations/further areas of the research include:
  • Looking into the growth of each sector Toromont services and extrapolating that growth to calculate Toromont’s future growth opportunity.
    • As per IBIS Research the heavy equipment rental market in Canada is ~$8.3 billion. It grew 1.1% yearly for the last 5 years.
    • The US market is estimated to be $47 billion, with an average growth of 2% for the last 5 years
      • Sorry but I couldn't get my hands on future projections as each report is $750
  • More research into competitors
    • I chose to include Finning only for simplicity’s sake. But there are many other competitors like:
      • United Rentals (NYSE:URI) provides similar services to Toromont/Finning in 49 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico and four European countries. The only thing being they aren't distributors for Caterpillar.
      • Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc (TSE:RME) sells, leases, and provides product and warranty support for agriculture and industrial equipment in Western Canada
      • Holt Cat, N C Machinery, Ziegler CAT (none of these companies are publicly traded)
  • Further analysis can be done on the B/S and accounting treatments.
  • The effects of automation in the industry
    • Distributors in the US have started working with industrial automation companies to provide autonomous construction equipment on rent to contractors
      • Sunstate Equipment Co.'s partnership with Built Robotics
  • I was not able to do a discounted cash flow, which would be critical to finding the intrinsic value for Toromont and having true confidence in the company and its trajectory.
  • Further analysis of CIMCO and prospects of future growth
    • Based of the financials, CIMCO seemed like a small part of the business, which is why I mainly focused on the Caterpillar dealership side
These are not all the limitations or areas of further research, they are just the glaring one that came to mind.
>! I know I took a few shots at people in this post. It's all in good jest. If you're offended well.... maybe you should be. I don't know, you have to figure that out on your own or you could make a post on Reddit asking random people on the internet whether you should be offended or not. !<
Remember I'm not an expert, I'm just a random guy on the internet.


I am long Toromont. This information is not financial advice. Please do your own research and/or talk to a financial advisor. All data provided is current prior to the market opening on June 29, 2020. Inconsistencies in data can be due to many reasons, the foremost being that data was spruced from multiple different websites.
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2020.06.27 21:45 biggreekgeek Flatten the Curve. Part 26. 2015 was a busy year. Pandemic predictions, bat coronavirus human link found, CRISPR/Cas9, and that birdman plauge doctor video with, "you are already dead". Good times.

Previous post here.
You do realize that we have so much information thrown at us on a daily basis that we don't remember what happened a few months ago, let alone over a year ago. Not unless the internet reminds us.
And we've had a pretty crazy last little while, haven't we? Has the information settled in or has it desensitized? Did you try and make sense of it all, or did you forget about it?
Because yesterday was normal, and today is new normal. And new normal is really just Hypernormal, an older meaning wrapped in a prettier word.
So lets talk a little about the new normal and the coronavirus and it's place in it all. Not why it's here, just it's place.
Now I know most people seem to think it's a hoax. And that's fine, think what you will. I don't agree, and I have my reasons. Now I will agree that not everything is as it seems with the virus, because there are far too many inconsistencies that don't add up. So what's the why of the virus, well that's for later, because I do think there's a second wave coming, and I want it fresh in everyone's mind, not washed away in this new normal information overload that we live in.
So why bring it up?
Let me answer that question for you, but in order to do that, we have to go back a little in time to around 2015, and something I completely forgot about until last night.
Do you remember the plague doctor? The guy in that really creepy viral video dressed like in a bird suit from the mid 1600's.
The video was called, 11B-X-1371.
There was a lot of attention on this, and a lot of Reddit put in effort at looking at the details and figuring out the clues.
So lets look again.
First I have to say, this was all apparently a hoax video that went viral. I'm not sure why someone would make a hoax like this, but let's take another look and see some big picture dates here.
I have to throw this in, I looked far and wide when the epidemic first started, and I do not recall ever seeing this pop up in search results. Ralph Baric and 2015, yes, jumping from bats to humans, no. Yes I could have just missed it, so if anyone else saw it, please chime in.
We also have this Ted Talk, Mar. 19, 2015 · The world needs to prepared for the next major health crisis Bill Gates has warned at the Ted conference in Vancouver.
So we have the plague doctor video on May 9th, 2015.
The corona bat discovery on Nov 10th 2015.
2015 was a pretty busy year, wasn't it?
It would be pretty easy to stop there and make like ET and go home, but that's not going to happen.
Now let's dive in and look at some details about the video.
The binary title of AETBX's YouTube posting was "Muerte", Spanish for "death", and the description similarly resolved to Spanish text—"Te queda 1 año menos", rendered in English as "you have one less year". The triangle-and-square message near the end of the video was found to read "Ad oppugnare homines" in Pigpen cipher—Latin for "To attack or target men".
I don't know about you, but anything in Latin, even Pigpen Latin, sounds ominous and evokes images of declarations issued by ancient secret society's hell bent on word domination.
Single-frame inserts were found to have Morse code and other texts in common ciphers. The Morse's plaintext was the phrase "RED LIPS LIKE TENTH". A sequence of 20 pairs of two-digit characters was found to be the latitude and longitude of the White House in Washington; it was later noted that the "RED LIPS" phrase could be an intended anagram for "KILL THE PRESIDENT". These were seen as a threat against the United States in general and President Barack Obama in particular. Krahbichler reported that a cipher in the video could be decoded to reveal the message "STANDANDFIGHTWITHUSTAKEDOWNTHEBLACKBEASTKILLHISDISEASEORFALLWITHTHEREST", and that the "BLACKBEAST" of the message could be Obama, an African-American. Krahbichler said that he believed that the video contained a political message, but was not a terrorist threat.
Now let's think about it another way for a change.
The video states that you have one year left. And while it does, he used fingers and holds up, three, one, two.
Could the one year less be a message to subtract one from each of the numbers?
Ending up with 201.
Event 201. The same event that Bill gates sponsored.
Again, just a different point of view.
It also had.
A new order is on the rise. You will join, or you will fall. The virus has spread too far; it must be stopped. We will die it at it's root. 13 ani 50, will burn.
(Somebody should make a bedtime story out of this!)
Now what about Obama? Yes they mentioned the White House, and it is unfortunately a natural jump, but what if the intent was merely racist, but not directed towards any single individual?
What if there was another intent behind the draconian arrests on TV that led to arrested individuals dying through excessive police force?
Facial-recognition systems misidentified people of color more often than white people, a landmark federal study released Thursday shows, casting new doubts on a rapidly expanding investigative technique widely used by law enforcement across the United States. Asian and African American people were up to 100 times more likely to be misidentified than white men, depending on the particular algorithm and type of search. Native Americans had the highest false-positive rate of all ethnicities, according to the study, which found that systems varied widely in their accuracy. The faces of African American women were falsely identified more often in the kinds of searches used by police investigators where an image is compared to thousands or millions of others in hopes of identifying a suspect.
Whelp, that's a bit of a different spin, isn't it?
Is there anything else that could possibly be considered here?
The 11B-X-1371 could be a hoax video, yet it sure had a lot of media coverage for a strange internet video, didn't it? And considering how strange our new normal is getting, I really don’t think it's too strange to warrant this second look. And I also don't think it's strange to dig deeper around 2015, and see what else happened at that time.
Because more happened, and it's picking up steam.
Do you remember CRISPCas9? Because Bill Gates remembers. And so does DARPA, Venture Capitalist Firms, and mosquitoes. Yep. Those bloodsucking malaria spreading insects are being targeted with the Raid equivalent of gene editing. CRISPCas9. Kills. Bugs. Dead.
Sure the technology didn't just appear in 2015, but more money did.
The lead investor is a newly created firm called bng0, a select group of family offices led by Boris Nikolic, who was previously a science advisor to Bill Gates. Both Editas and Gates’ office confirm that the Microsoft billionaire, who is the world’s richest man, is among the bng0 backers. Along with Google Ventures, Omega Fund, and more. How much? 120 million dollars. When? August 10th 2015.
So. They invested in a biotechnology firm, isn’t that a good investment for humanity's future?
Emails obtained through a freedom of Information request by U.S.–based Prickly Research reveal that the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has given approximately $100 million for gene drive research1, $35 million more than previously reported 2, making them likely the largest single funder of gene drive research on the planet 3. The emails also reveal that DARPA either funds or co-ordinates with almost all major players working on gene drive development as well as the key holders of patents on CRISPR gene editing technology 4. These funds go beyond the US; DARPA is now also directly funding gene drive researchers in Australia (including monies given to an Australian government agency, CSIRO) 5 and researchers in the UK. The files also reveal an extremely high level of interest and activity by other sections of the U.S. military and Intelligence community. Secret Military Study draws in Monsanto: The emails reveal that the secretive JASON group of military advisors produced a classified study on gene drive this year (2017). The report was commissioned following an earlier classified 2016 JASON report on “genome editing” that has not previously been publicly reported on although it “received considerable attention among various agencies of the U.S. government.
Now you'll remember the 2015 plague video? And then him saying you have one year less? Was it about event 201? Or was it indicating the classified news that would come out in 2016 about gene editing?
Wired Magazine, in a breathless cover story, just called it “The Genesis Engine,” instructing readers to “buckle up” because the easy DNA editing CRISPR enables will change the world.
So we have a plague video, threats against the United States, UNC and coronavirus Bat discovery, CRISPCas9, Darpa and classified research, plus Bill Gates giving a Ted Talk about a coronavirus pandemic while pumping money into Gene Drive technology.
All in 2015.
And lets not forget about breathlessly calling the technology the Genesis Engine. You know, like the Bible. Or like all the articles that question our Geoengineering and Bioengineering attempts to play God?
Let's keep calm and carry on.
Over the next four years a new program in the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) plans to cultivate, among other things, a kind of cleanup crew for engineered genes deemed harmful to or undesirable in an ecosystem. The initiative, called Safe Genes, comes at a time when so-called “gene drive” systems, which override the standard rules of gene inheritance and natural selection, are raising hopes among some scientists that the technology could alter or suppress populations of disease-carrying insects or other pests in as few as 20 generations. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sees so much promise in gene drive technology that it plans to double spending on its Target Malaria initiative, which aims to create systems for driving genes in two species of malaria mosquitoes, to $70 million. Yet without careful precautions, a gene drive released into the wild could spread or change in unexpected ways. Kevin Esvelt, head of the Sculpting Evolution lab at MIT Media Lab, which is applying for Safe Genes funding in collaboration with eight other research groups, predicts that eventually, perhaps around 15 years from now, an accident will allow a drive with potential to spread globally to escape laboratory controls. “It’s not going to be bioterror,” he says, “it’s going to be ‘bioerror".
So now we have an epidemic, bioengineered mosquitoes to stop the spread of malaria, a President who insisted that anti-malarial drugs worked against COVID-19, Chinese scientists who worked with Ralph Baric and other scientists who worked in a Canadian Biolab, Bill Gates being the planet crier warning of an upcoming pandemic.
And does anyone honestly believe that they can make sense of this Unrestricted Warfare/Full Spectrum Dominance that's being waged hidden in plain sight?
The New Normal becomes a lot easier to see when you change perspective, even if it doesn't any clearer as to who is doing what. Because before you jump the gun and blame China, ask yourself how viral all the media reports were about the Chinese scientists? Very. Although that could have also been a slow trickle to acclimatize us to our New Normal war.
Who knows?
So lets look at another piece of information.
She says her team is also working hard on the Juno project. And Editas is working on hemoglobinopathy, a type of genetic condition in which the molecule that carries oxygen in red blood cells is defective. That will be a tougher project: it will involve not just cutting out a DNA misspelling, but actually editing a gene.
Ah. Hemoglobinopathy. Why of course. Why didn't I think of that when I was doing my CRISPCas9 gene editing? Seriously. It's so obvious it was hiding in plain sight.
A defective cell. Low oxygen. A virus that attacks the blood. Lets see.
More recently, two innovative pathophysiology hypotheses have been proposed, concerning hemoglobin dysfunction and tissue iron overload, based on preliminary computational and genetic sequencing researches. A preliminary paper about the viral inhibition of heme metabolism, by binding to beta-chains of hemoglobin through surface glycoproteins,4 has been followed by another publication about virus-induced hemoglobin denaturation.5 This hemoglobin alteration would contribute to the oxygen deprived multi-faceted syndrome, which is actually generated by SARS-CoV-2.
Or let's look over here.
At the same time, orf1ab, ORF10 and ORF3a proteins coordinated to attack heme on the 1-beta chain of hemoglobin, dissociating iron to form porphyrin. Deoxyhemoglobin is more vulnerable to virus attacks than oxidized hemoglobin. The attack will cause less and less hemoglobin that can carry oxygen and carbon dioxide, producing symptoms of respiratory distress. Virus attack damaged many organs and tissues. Lung cells are toxic and inflammatory due to derivatives produced by the attack, which eventually resulted in ground-glass-like lung images. Capillaries easily broken due to inflammation.
Or let's look in plain English.
A dangerous symptom of the coronavirus that can cause a patient to fall unconscious or even die is known as hypoxia — when the body’s tissues do not receive enough oxygen. Dr. Richard Levitan, an emergency doctor working in New York City, wrote for the New York Times at the end of April that he has seen COVID-19 patients with “alarmingly low” oxygen levels, but no shortness of breath. He describes this as “silent hypoxia”. These patients had oxygen saturation levels as low as 50 per cent when normal levels are usually at 94 to 100 per cent at sea level, Levitan explained. These patients had oxygen saturation levels as low as 50 per cent when normal levels are usually at 94 to 100 per cent at sea level, Levitan explained.
One doctor treating COVID-19 patients in New York says it was like altitude sickness. It was “as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are stuck on a plane at 30,000 feet and the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen,” said Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD, an emergency room and critical care doctor at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn who has been posting about his experience on social media. In an editorial in the journal Intensive Care Medicine, Luciano Gattinoni, MD, a guest professor of anesthesia and intensive care at the University of Gottingen in Germany, and one of the world’s experts in mechanical ventilation, says more than half the patients he and his colleagues have treated in Northern Italy have had this unusual symptom. They seem to be able to breathe just fine, but their oxygen is very low. According to Gattinoni, about 30% of COVID-19 patients who come to the hospital have more classic symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. Their lungs are cloudy on imaging scans, and they’re stiff and inflamed, showing that they aren’t working well. The patients also have low levels of oxygen in their blood, and they are struggling to breathe. They look like patients with severe pneumonia caused by a virus. This is the type of lung trouble doctors are more used to seeing with respiratory diseases like influenza and SARS.
Did you read that? Cause I did. ABOUT 30% of COVID-19 patients who come to the hospital have more classic symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS.


Gattinoni says putting a patient like this on a ventilator under too high a pressure may cause lung damage that ultimately looks like ARDS. So he cautions that doctors need to be aware of the COVID-19 patients’ symptoms and need to use the ventilator carefully and sparingly.
Remember the ventilators? And all the blowback for daring to disagree with the concensus?
"This is a kind of disease in which you don't have to follow the protocol -- you have to follow the physiology," Gattinoni said. "Unfortunately, many, many doctors around the world cannot think outside the protocol."
That article was from April 7th 2020. It makes you think, doesn’t it? All the false negatives and false positives. There was even an all out media blitz telling you that you shouldn't believe this information. Just listen to the experts, right?
So what is going on? Is there a bigger picture? How do we put the puzzle together? How does severe hypoxia in patients with no symptoms and cytokine storms fit into all of this? And why are they so positive about a second wave, when all the other viral outbreaks didn't have them? And why do they change their mind on how it spreads?
And it might be a good idea to go back to reexamine the whole wearing a mask that limits your oxygen intake. I know, you're going to feel foolish after the whole, don't wear a mask, wear a mask, maybe wear a mask, you probably should wear a mask, no, definitely wear a mask, episode, but hey, lives are at stake, maybe figure it out.
And what about this in 2015 as well from Ralph Baric at UNC? New SARS-like virus can jump directly from bats to humans, no treatment available.
And then some women eats bat soup and none of us can leave home? Or it was made in a laboratory just up the block in Wuhan from the bat soup lady? Or from the wet market?
And what about all the keep calm and happy hypoxia on in this new normal?
Whelp, I'll have to leave that to another post, because this one's already too long. So just ruminate on the topics and I'll be compiling the remainder shortly.
Take care. Be safe. Stay aware and be prepared. Talk soon.
EDIT: Nice find by luffarMickez. 11B-X stands for: The month ”11”. X = 10 in roman numerals. Corona bat discovered november 10th.
submitted by biggreekgeek to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2020.06.25 23:24 AAoverlord Canadian Made Electronics, Audio Equipment

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2020.06.18 17:39 decho Pre-Match Thread: Sevilla vs Barcelona [La Liga]

Match Information:

Match: Sevilla vs Barcelona
Competition: La Liga
Date: Friday, 19th of June 2020
Time: 22:00 CEST / 16:00 EDT - Convert to local time
Venue: Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, Seville - 42714 capacity
Referee: José Luis González González

Lineups and Squads:

Barcelona - Official squad confirmed
GK: Ter Stegen, Neto, Iñaki Peña
DEF: Semedo, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba, Umtiti, Firpo, Ronald Araujo, Chumi
MID: Rakitić, Busquets, Arthur, Sergi Roberto, De Jong, Vidal, Riqui Puig, Monchu
ATT: Suárez, Messi, Dembélé, Griezmann, Ansu Fati, Braithwaite, Álex Collado, Saverio
Unavailable: Sergi Roberto, De Jong, Dembélé (injured) Umtiti (suspended)
Not called:
Sevilla - Official squad to be confirmed
GK: Tomáš Vaclík, Bono, Javi Díaz, Alfonso Pastor
DEF: Sergi Gómez, Jules Koundé, Escudero, Diego Carlos, Reguilón, Felipe Chacartegui
MID: Lucas Ocampos, Éver Banega, Navas, Nemanja Gudelj, Óliver Torres, Franco Vázquez, Joan Jordán, Fernando, José Mena, José Lara, Genaro Rodríguez, Juanlu
ATT: Rony Lopes, Nolito, Munir, Suso, Luuk de Jong, Youssef En-Nesyri
Not called:



Form guide:


Comments (Post-match thread):

Author: atthebatman Score: 187 pts Source
•Semedo finally shows the play in the final third we’ve been waiting for
•Suarez scores a lefty bike
•Frenkie pulls off an absurd maradona
•Roberto rediscovers his ability to go those crazy runs where it looks like no one can stop him
•Dembele shows great composure on his finish
And all of this was just in the first half independent of Messi’s contribution
Author: xenmate Score: 158 pts Source
LOL Valverde: "I asked the 4th referee what Dembele had said, because I can't get him to speak to me in Spanish".
Author: nadi207 Score: 135 pts Source
Fuck Lahoz. That’s all.
Author: i798 Score: 50 pts Source
What a egocentric piece of shit this ref is. Absolute garbage refereeing from him. Half balding fuck. Had to make the game all about him by flinging yellow and red cards all over the place. This ref is a disgrace to La Liga. Other than that great match, glad to see Messi scored his first.
Author: De4thStrIKE Score: 35 pts Source
Say whatever you want he didn't deserve a red . Slight shirt pull was outside box . Player continued his run. Players have tore Messi shirt while dribbling and still they don't get yellow . This stupid refree decided to fuck up in last minutes . On bright side we had really good game. Shout-out to Semedo, he had some really good games this season
Author: Watermelon_Soldier Score: 16 pts Source
Sergi Roberto needs more love. One of his best games at RB tonight and you could tell he was helping todibo out a lot. Not easy to play RB with a new CB next to you
Author: Last_Lorien Score: 15 pts Source
You said it all, I just wanna add that it was good to see Raki play and play well and get the reception he did at Camp Nou. That's all the fan reaction that matters. <3
Author: mspoons13 Score: 12 pts Source
Wanted to say thank you to those on here who have suggested tickets behind gol nord. We were in the 3rd row 2nd level and my goodness the atmosphere was insane! My first Barca game and first time in Barcelona. From Vancouver Canada. Love this fanbase, team and city.
Author: FutbolIntellect Score: 12 pts Source
This squad has got tremendous potential. Arthur , Messi , Pique , De Jong , Alba , Vidal , Mats and even Suarez are players who are consistently good throughout the season. The others like Dembele , Semedo , Roberto are good but not consistent enough. Griezyy is yet to be judged when played in his favorable position but even when he's having an off game he's still useful. When each and every player are at their best , this team could legitimately be the scariest team in Europe.
Lot of good performances but I'll start with Arthur as usual. This guy has been consistently great for about 9/10 times this season. A world class player and easily the best Midfielder in Laliga right now. My only criticism would be that he needs to release the ball a bit quicker than always hogging it. Fdj is also a great ball carrier but he releases the ball with proper timing.
Vidal was our best Midfielder for the last 2 months of previous season. He continues his freak form this time in the Bakero role , an advanced Box to Box centrocampista.
Semedo got caught out of position few number of times but he was flawless with the ball. But Pique got dragged away to the flanks because of Semedo not covering which led to 3 dangerous chances from Sevilla. But still a good performance overall as LB.
Dembele was poor. Apart from that goal and few mazy dribbles , he was at his usual self. Losing balls not in tight areas but mostly in comfortable situations.
De Jong and Pique with a fine perfomance today.
Players won the game in the 1st half. Manager helped the game in the 2nd half. Valverde got our setup wrong in the 1st half , we could've been 3 goals down. But he got it absolutely spot on in the 2nd half. We dragged Sevilla out of their zone , invited them and created space to exploit. Should've scored few more in the 2nd half.
Lahoz strikes again. Poor soul needs to do something controversial in every game because he doesn't get any attention in life.
Author: apex_orgil Score: 11 pts Source
I never ever fan of pop culture overhyped players. Last couple years everybody was so hyped about De Ligit ,Van Djik, Rashford, De Jong bla bla . Man, but this De Jong kid is something special from, I never got attention to his game before like that. His touches are something out of the world, so technical, unlike many other players his first touch always clean most importantly his body position is always right when he receives the ball and his movement. Now I’m so pleased Barca signed him whatta player.
Author: Darduel Score: 11 pts Source
Ok so beside lahoz and everyone mentioning semedo had a good game, arthur and de jong were beasts too, I wanna point out how good raki and busi were after coming on, it was the best minutes of the season so far for both, busi finally made good tackles to stop attacks without making silly mistakes and fouls, and rakitic was good in attack, connecting with messi and suarez and even taking 2 shots
I think this should be their roles now, to come on as subs and pass the first team torch to arthur and de jong who are becoming better and better each game, both are very professional and seem to not have much problem with that, I have massive respect for both of them for what they have given the club


Setién: "Griezmann? He is a player who, although he plays on the wing, always has a tendency to go to the centre of the pitch. We never suggest him to stick to the wing, because he is not that type of dribbling player." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Ansu, Riqui and Araujo are three very different players but very good guys who bring us things." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Players like Messi are smart enough to decide when they need to rest. They will warn me if they feel they need to be rotated, although I set the guidelines for when they should play." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Sevilla are a complete side, they're solid and physically well. However, we also know about their weaknesses and we'll try to exploit them." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Dembélé back in August? His recovery is going into the right direction. It remains to be seen if he will be fully fit at the end of the season." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Riqui Puig played frankly well. He is a kid who is training very well and has a very good attitude." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Frenkie is a very good footballer, a kid who gives us many things, but we have other players to replace him and I hope that he recovers as soon as possible." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "It's possible for us to benefit from playing without a public in Seville, it depends on how the match goes." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Ansu is a boy who is 17 years old and needs to be managed. There are many things about himself that he doesn't know yet." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "We have all seen the surprises that football brings. We have to think about overcoming each game and maintaining the advantage." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "The return game against Napoli should be played at the Camp Nou, obviously." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "I still don't see Suárez fit enough for 90 minutes." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "De Jong had some discomfort and it didn't fully recover. We prefer to not risk him." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "We did not expect to lose Sergi Roberto. To the extent that he can endure the pain, he will be able to return." - src @barcacentre

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2020.06.12 02:34 lemon_juice_95 Feeling shitty at times...

A little context first... I'm a 28 year old male. Live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I had no real mechanical experience when I was younger. I worked at a food processing plant where I operated some simple packing machines. Did my Pre-App/Foundations course in 2015. Got a my first apprenticeship job immediately after at another food processing plant. Did a couple years there (fed up because of my supervisor and the language barrier between production workers and the maintenance). Moved on to a Pump company where I installed, repaired, and rebuilt different types of pumps. That was the most fun I had at a job, I guess mostly because of the crew I worked with. I ended up writing my Red Seal in December of 2018 and passed. In early 2019, a friend of mine told me about the sawmill he worked at and that they were hiring and looking for more millwrights. Biggest thing was the money and at a young age, I figured it would be nice to make a good wage In an expensive city and try to get ahead in life. Unfortunately that pump company couldn't match or come a little close to what the mill would be paying so I made the switch.
I eventually completed all my hours in June of 2019 and got my Red Seal. It's a nice feeling to have it. However, there are times at work where I feel shitty and useless because I probably have 1/8th of the experience the other guys I work with. It gets frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. It feels like I'm an apprentice all over again. Just curious if anyone else feels like this. Maybe I'm a shitty tradesman? Maybe time to find a new career? I love doing this type of work. It keeps things interesting. Im just a little bit slower than most people and it takes me a while to figure out a problem whereas someone is quicker. Sometimes I think im just book smart and that's why I passed...
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2020.06.10 18:48 CDN_Rattus It's time to cover your ass, MetaCanada. Denounce a historical figure here!

Do it now, denounce some egregious racist or slaver from Canadian history. Demand their statues get leveled. That way, when the inevitable purge comes you can delete your entire history except the post you make today. It migh keep you from being lined up against a wall and shot. I'll start:
I condemn Lord Stanley of Preston, Conservative Politician, war monger, imperialist, racist, misogynist and all round not nice guy. I demand that the Stanley Cup be renamed for an appropriate African Canadian person, preferably Donald Brashear. I demand that Stanley Park in Vancouver be returned to the First Nations people who occupied it before settlers stole it.
Edit: You're not getting it! You can't condemn St. Tommy for his eugenics and racism, Trudeau the elder for being a literal Nazi sympathizer and anti-semite, nor Junior for blackface. They are all good progressives and we forgive them for their racist errors. You have to condemn old white guys who were bad conservative types. It is the Way!
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2020.06.02 18:42 SimplyTrouble Soft stool - problem or not?

Hi all! First of all, thanks for being a part of this wonderful community, we really appreciate you guys, especially right now. So I have a 1 year old (her birthday was yesterday :)) tabby who we adopted from Egypt in March 2020. She had a severe eye infection in Egypt, had her eyes removed when she was quite young, and then was flown to Vancouver, Canada. From there she was put in foster recovery homes until we found her at Catoro Cat Cafe and adopted her. She is without a doubt the most energetic and playful cat I've ever known. She has a great appetite and drinks tons of water and has great energy levels. However since we got her she has had soft stools, diarrhea a couple of times but it disappeared quite quickly. We've slowly changed her diet to an easy digest diet (Blue Buffalo sensitive stomach dry food in the AM, as well as a bit of pumpkin and half a pack of forti flora. In the PM she gets the only wet food we've found that she likes as well as doesn't make her sick, Royal Canin easy digest, as well as half a scoop of Fera probiotics.).
So my first question... is there harm in giving 2 different types of probiotics in a day? We give her half a pack of forti flora in the AM (only because of the price, I've heard this is fine from some vets but we can switch to a pack a day if necessary. This will be discussed with our personal vet, just wanted to have some sort of idea if it's harmful to give 2 different types per day), and half a scoop of Fera probiotics in the evening.
As for medical history, we've taken her in to see a few different vets. We found out when we adopted her she has gingivitis progressing towards stomatitis. We've been brushing her teeth with enzymatic toothpaste every second day and have seen a HUGE improvement. This never impacted her desire to eat. She was tested for feline leukemia and it was negative. We have seen no signs of worms, and she was treated with a preventative dewormer as is policy for the cat rescue. We took her to the emergency vet once as her gums were yellow, by the time we got there they were significantly less yellow. By the time the vet saw her there was no yellow, and after testing the vet determined it was probably just residue from vomit or she had eaten something. Vitals were fine, no fluid in her stomach from ultrasound, and her blood work was all good except for minor dehydration (probably due to throwing up). We had her on fluids and I've been incorporating extra water into her wet and dry food daily, and she drinks a ton of water. She has received all of her kitten vaccinations.
Second question... do some cats just have naturally soft stools? It's not pure liquid diarrhea, but she regularly has soft stools that are lighter in color, but do have a shape. Not the "putty" texture as is ideal, however sometimes she does have a normal stool that's darker brown and is firm. The norm however is a soft (not runny) stool that's light in color but has a shape. No mucus in the stool and no blood. We have seen vets for her soft stools in the past and they weren't too concerned, but said to obviously monitor her. Her energy levels have never changed and she eats/drinks normally. I'm not too concerned as she acts totally normally, I just want what's best for her. She's so incredibly sweet and has never shown signs of aggression. I do notice when we were trying out different types of food that her stools would be much softer if it was a "richer" wet food. Right now on Royal Canin easy digest, we're getting the most consistent stools.
When she was in her foster home we learned she was being treated for diarrhea, however it cleared up and she was good to go.
Thank you SO much. Stay safe and stay healthy. Thank you for the work that you guys do, you're so appreciated.

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2020.06.01 16:50 Soul_Man2004 All of my David Bowie Compilations and other high effort videos

I will be retitling this in a new self post some time. Whenever I feel like getting on the computer to resticky... just Videos and Posts I think I'll call it. Because some of these are just downloads and cuts I'd still like to save. I might just wait for when this runs out of text, I really don't feel like going on the computer.
I have to start keeping track of these before it's too late to be hateful, grateful and late again. That, and I don't want to end up scrolling super far when I want to look back at them. Hello, I'm Soul Man. The username's a paradox and I have a terrible obsession with making Bowie videos under 15 minutes (it's regularly luck that keeps them under 15). Kind've gets in the way of the other types of things I post, but I try to squeeze those in. Don't you think I've forgotten about that reviewing Bowie's favorite vinyls series, I just have to be doing something while listening to music... I've got nothing to do. I have this YouTube channel, but Reddit always comes first. Their copyrights make it hard to get famous anyway. Fame makes a man take things over. I actually haven't gotten any of those lately, they're either off my tail or I accidentally blocked their emails.
Nope, they still won't let me upload the Life On Mars video. No sentiment in these people...
I do appreciate video ideas by the way. These don't come easy. Don't be shy, it'd be very bowie of you.
I put ★ next to the ones got over 100 upvotes... not that those ones are always my best, but might as well show off. Those that have almost 100 got a ✓.10 AM to 6 PM CDT are pretty good posting times. The purpose of all of these are to either teach, entertain or showcase. I like making David Bowie fans happy. The only reason I would want lots of upvotes is to spread something great about David.
Don't mind the descriptions, that's just me typing to myself.
Also putting written things down here because I can't change the title
Nice wallpaper (yeah, I'd just like to keep this saved)
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2020.06.01 06:10 FreddieAndersen4Prez A reflection from a white SDP listener on being a white hockey fan.

Long post, sorry, and sorry that I'm a lurker on Reddit, opening up on this but I needed to put this somewhere and given how things are in my neighbourhood, I feel unsafe putting all of this up right now. I have said smaller things, like donating and helping protest organizers with masks and hand sanitizer but I spent my day today writing this and need to feel like it was of any use. It's written to mainly white followers but to you guys, this is a conversation. This isn’t to tell anyone they’re a horrible person or admonish anyone for enjoying hockey, but a call to action from someone who hasn’t been active enough on this topic within the sport. I love hockey and my social media use makes that very clear, but my use of social media makes it less clear that in my eyes a black life is infinitely more valuable than any sport ever could be. Some of you here would probably want to hear “all lives” there instead. There are frequent displays in North American hockey leagues that affirm the value of others’ lives. The moments of silence for others’ tragic deaths are good and make those directly impacted feel included by the hockey community. But until today, there was almost nothing but the wrong kind of silence coming from the non-black hockey world about the continued losses black communities in North America have faced for centuries. Sports might seem like a sacred place, and trust me, it brings me no joy to confront this, but sports are a huge part of culture and culture is where we can come together and make positive change. Since hockey is so Canadian, and so sadly tied to racism in Canada for so many, we need to talk as white hockey fans, and I want to start here:
I don’t want hockey helmets to be synonymous with white hoods and I don’t want hockey sticks to become modern-day burning crosses associated with North American white supremacy. From where I stand, that’s where hockey could be headed. That is, unless fans, athletes at every level, coaches at every level, superstars of years gone by, media members, team management, the upper brass of the NHL and even Gary Bettman himself commit to listening, and learning, and growing away from the comfort of the culture hockey has cultivated. Growth has to be encouraged. White supremacists who are fans of football, baseball, and basketball can’t hide as well in those fanbases, because there are more non-white people in them. They will and have in the past looked at hockey as their own safe space. The question is: who do you want to be a safe space for? Whether or not you, as a hockey person, like that term, hockey creates space that is not neutral and now is a moment of reckoning where we make a choice to bring about healing or further irreparable destruction.
To be explicit, the “keep your head down and don’t be controversial” attitude that painfully permeates most hockey-related interviews and reduces the vocabulary of hockey players to “pucks in deep” is taught to young kids and as they grow up in the sport. it keeps them silent on issues that impact every city and place where the sport is aired and played. This silence also keeps those involved in the sport protected from facing the noise that comes along with whatever they say. I think, as adults, they need the courage to listen to what people are saying and to know how their words and actions impact other people, especially those with less influence. The black players who speak out hear the music all the time, in ways that degrade them. Now is a great time for all other players to do the same. It’s good to see that some are, but I worry, given what I’ve come to understand about hockey culture, about what resistance and hostility will those behind the scenes have for those who were brave to finally say anything in their own words.
Someone who seemed to hate listening a lot was Don Cherry. I haven’t kept up with him much since his dismissal, so maybe he’s changed, but we can’t talk about this issue without addressing Don’s weekly Coaches Corner. I know he’s so cherished by so many Canadians, but throughout his career, his influence was used to spread judgement and negativity toward different vulnerable groups. All because he didn’t want to pony up to his own blind spots. Don could barely handle Alex Ovechkin being a young Russian player who scored his 50th goal and dared to celebrate it with personality. It’s a game meant to entertain, but the Don Cherry narrative made it clear to those who would speak strongly against him they weren’t welcome and they should get in line or move along. That might not seem related to the topic of race, but that’s the same mechanism that keeps more serious stuff from ever being properly confronted. Don’s so beloved for speaking his mind and “calling it like it is”, but he was one of the biggest voices in Canada for decades, that influenced others against speaking out on uncomfortable but important issues. Don liked to poke at guys who were different. Why would a vulnerable person, who’s been actively taught how to not be threatening to people like Don, ever put their blind trust in those same people? Please consider who has more power: a man voted the seventh-greatest Canadian of all time and has a weekly segment dedicated to his completely unfiltered thoughts on National broadcast or, for example, a 16-year-old black kid, with a fervent dream to make the show, who feels he’s alone in the sport, and who’s been cast as a problem y those in power because he didn’t want to be actively degraded? If we as hockey fans had been confronted with that type of news in our sport today, we need to ask ourselves who we'd try to understand first, The reaction to Don’s firing made sense but was also disappointing. It amplified a lot of hatred to so many people involved in the sport that they were already feeling and have had to feel over and over since. Continuing to mention that you don't see why he was fired doesn't help anyone.

At some point, you might also think “why would white hockey players have to speak up?” You’re not alone, and I hope to give a good answer. There’s extreme symbolism in the Golden Goal from the 2010 Olympics. Everyone remembers Sidney Crosby winning Canada the most prized gold medal of the whole Vancouver Olympic Games. Let me remind you that Jarome Iginla, a black Canadian player, did good lifting on that play to make that goal happen. He has the primary assist on that goal. Iggy passes to Sid, Sid shoots, Canada wins. There are people asking where Sid’s voice is right now. Where is his assist to Iggy and every other black person in hockey now? Where is Sid as an ambassador for the sport when it's hard to be one? For his colleagues, fans, and those who know his name from that moment in 2010, he has the opportunity to be an ally. I’ve seen him be excused because he has no social media and that’s just not who he is, but he’s Sid the Kid! He’s arguably the safest person to speak up within Canadian hockey. His money will come in regardless, and if he speaks up as the face of the sport in this country for the last decade, others who are more at risk of personal consequence are more protected. The common excuses made on his behalf are all culture-based, but that’s exactly what we need work to change. Leaders in this sport cannot be any more silent than those in any other sport or arena. Even if just to say, “I see how rightly angry people are, and racism needs to be worked through, starting in my own house and locker room.” A statement, in no uncertain terms, addressing the fact that an issue is present in the world and is permeated by hockey, would be a good first step. A statement like that, I’ve been told by friends who are directly impacted, makes people in very vulnerable moments like this feel seen and heard. Yes, more is needed, but it’s better to try than to do or say nothing. As a Leafs fan, it's been a mixed bag to see all the responses. But also, I want to say it's good to see a start. This is bigger than any one player and while individual accountability is a part of the process, but it's only part of it. As fans, we can be active voices in encouraging leaders in the sport to continue speaking and to start acting in ways that support oppressed people in our communities. They (and we) can provide their influence to local police and advocate for de-escalation. They (and we) can provide protestors with masks and hand sanitizer, to aide as safe a protest as possible. We can kindly encourage them to continue this work, and instead of trolling players over a screwed-up shift that costs a game, maybe use those DMs and comment sections to give players and followers alike tools and support to continue this.
I want to also address common complaints about players who do come forward with their stories and accounts. Akim Aliu’s story has been dismissed by so many because they as a fan feel, incorrectly, that they have ultimate neutrality and wisdom to adjudicate that he wasn’t good enough for the NHL. Those arguments are easy to make if you don’t challenge yourself to really sit with his account of his time on the Windsor Spitfires as a 16-year-old. Yes, his dream was the common and standard “make the NHL”, but his point isn’t about himself. His point is really about how to heal within hockey. His point is to stop hockey from being used as an instrument of racism as much as we are all able to and to start using it to build bridges. Please listen to him and Evander Kane, but don't stop there.
Every time a social issue touches the hockey world, be it related to race, sexual identity, or gender, people get acutely uncomfortable. This is a natural initial reaction because it involves having a very uncomfortable look within. We all want to think of ourselves as good, I think, but this isn’t about “are we personally good”. This is about how we exist in a world where we have dangerous blind spots and we are the only ones able to remove them. Instead of running from that discomfort, the challenge to be better becomes confronting things. Every time someone pipes up, the minimum is just don’t be a dick to the people trying their best. Please don’t react with the “laugh” on Facebook when a black person speaks up about the use of racist language in dressing rooms or when a woman speaks about hockey ever. I want to encourage you to be uncomfortable about people we look up to messing up in ways we know we have or easily could have. Talk about it with people who have privilege. I don’t have all the answers and I’m doing my own work, but it’s not on the most hurt people to speak to us about this anymore. It’s well past that time. I, a stranger on Reddit, promise you that if you ask something in good faith, saying that there’s something you don’t get about a reaction someone is having or something is sitting weird with you but you don't want to be disruptive by publicly saying something offensive, I will listen and teach where I can and try to support on DM. Black people and other people who don’t feel like hockey and by extension Canada is for them are relying on us to do this together. To say it with our chests that we want things to get better for them and that we’ll do what we can. None of these issues developed overnight and they can’t go away overnight. There are centuries of pain and injustices to learn about, to be aware of, and to reconcile over. Nobody expects you to get it all at once. But please genuinely try to be active in your reflections on how you can.
On the flip side, if you're white and want to call people out, on racism consider calling them in instead. The directly impacted folks can say what they need to in their grief and frustration. When we publicly have antiracist conversations, we need to look for people who could be allies. We need to look to open as many minds as we can. Instead of doing what is easy and coming in hot, try to look for opportunities to encourage empathy. You can be mad and frustrated about ignorance and share in that with those who see it, but also understand how to open a mind and create more allies without more police or white-incited violence. A good conversation that supports and encourages people to start and keep confronting racism is more constructive than waiting for another innocent person to be brutally murdered on camera. Too often, attacks on social media are made by people who know racism is wrong but would rather not confront how close they are in their own process to the person saying these things. Obviously, there are limits and good faith is key, but when you see good faith, return it with good faith.
For those who don’t like the protests turning into riots: what happened when Vancouver lost in the Stanley Cup final to Boston? What happens when the rules aren’t given out in any kind of just way? Especially when it matters most? I can’t say I love seeing things being burned and livelihoods damaged, and those affected are people worthy of empathy, but there has been so much hurt inflicted in the name of the law, in the name of Canada and the USA, and in the name of being white against long-grieving communities and to ignore their feelings is to invite more anger. When Vancouver Canucks fans had their first-ever Stanley Cup opportunity and felt they had it taken from them by refs, some rioted in their anger. Others hated the riot and were embarrassed. Some of the rioting was carried out by those who didn’t really care about hockey at all. A championship is not comparable to a person’s life, but somehow the reaction to losing each can lead to similar reactions. Consider this as you see more coverage on the events which start out as peaceful protests.
I don’t want to leave this up to chance. I want hockey to be part of a better future. To use a hockey analogy that changes things up from the dreams of small kids across Canada, this moment and those that come next are Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, except instead of money, Vegas put a whole bunch of vulnerable lives on the line. It’s our duty to each other and to those precious lives that we win this game. Our backs are against the wall. Will we encourage each other to be better when we’re on the bench and during every shift? Will white people in hockey take on their role as leaders in the room and lead throughout the game? Will we live up to the grizzled determination of playing with a half-punctured lung that the sport prides itself in or is that type of hard work only meant to be done physically? This is a challenge that we can no longer put off. It’s game time. You’re playing against racism. As your teammate, it doesn’t matter to me how uncomfortable we might get together, what matters to me is that you’re honestly trying. We got ourselves here, by blindness, by our own hurts, by laziness and by structures we didn't question. We are the ones who need to get ourselves out. Thanks for reading if you got this far. Wishing you all love in this time where peace is what we're working to achieve.
Edit: to fix a couple of spelling errors.
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2020.05.30 09:03 Papacoolie I just had the best gaming experience of my life.

Flying high over Hurston, skimming along the atmosphere in my newly acquired Drake Caterpillar, I reflected on the day’s journey; I had been in the ‘verse for about 6 months now, give or take and today would be my most memorable. It wasn’t a day filled with action, no I have had those, but today was different, today was my day, today was slow and steady.
I have just purchased some new ships to my fleet after melting some old ones. I am on my third run of ships, having started with the Aurora and upgrading it to the Titan and purchasing an Arrow... I recently melted my Prospector that had been a Cuttie... and now I have loaners for a Hull D. I ended up getting a Comet and Redeemer as well, despite The Redeemer being concept...
Today I did deliveries in my temporary Cuttie Blue... enough to invest in cargo for my Loaner Cat. I flew from rooftop to rooftop in New Babbage after picking up the boxes in Arc’s system. As I flew through the night and into the morning light, I thought about how peaceful it was there, about how excited I was to finally fly a Cat and make some credits. I hadn’t even pulled out my new Reclaimer yet, but I was thirsting for hauling. I wanted to be a space trucker, I had music on and Sharp Dressed Man blared in my ears along with the ambient sounds of radio chatter I had playing on Youtube on loop. I had chat off and I felt alone in the ‘Verse, when normally I flew with my Org and usually in a fighter... not that I was an ace dog fighter... But here I was, running packages and drinking coffee and working. The sun had gone down and come up again...
Eventually I made my deliveries and loaded up my Cat. I remember walking into the bay and seeing this ship, which wasn’t the biggest I have been on... but it was mine, or at least until the Hull D released. I put the 55k I made from deliveries into it and typed my logistics into the route finder I liked. The software planned my route and I was due to make $20k profit.
I flew through space, this time with a half full hull, all my credits, and I listened to the Main Theme of The Revenant (a personal favourite film), along with Elite Dangerous radio chatter and Nostromo Ambient Mother sounds. As she was in Quantum I took the time to explore the ship while I streamed. The hab, the endless rows of cargo hold, the stairwell and eva access... the additional deck... I was enthralled.
I made a basic haul from Arc to PO and made 20k. Excited I plotted my next route immediately, and set sail for Orinth, on Hurston. It was 600km to Orinth and I used a delivery marker to show me the way. I flew it, 600km (or a 6 hour drive to Grand Forks from Vancouver, one I had made many times with my father as a child and so I could fathom the distance) to Orinth, worried so much about the infamous 30k’s and pirates that could end up breaking my bank... It was a sobering and intoxicating ride. The world below was shrouded in darkness and a red hue of fading sunlight glowed on my port side. The beacon grew closer and closer and my engines hummed as I slowly made my way to the sell point.
Through the darkness of space and after a long while, I came upon the reclamation yard. There it was! I capped my top speed and, still to The Revenant, I slowly descended on to the planet and landed. I made my first $100,000 ever today in SC. I always buy my way out of things, but today I hauled and it felt good.
I don’t know how this will end up but I am happy to find out with you guys.
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2020.05.29 12:29 Tythen Listing the VA of Gala Leif and the Journey to the West team!

EDIT: Wu Kong's English VA credit has been fixed and revealed... I will put that down below, and strikethrough my comment regarding Wu Kong.
EDIT2: I may have made a big error. Sha Wujing may not be voiced by the David Kaye I mentioned here, I have talked about it in another post
A lot of people mentioned, myself included, that Canada has very diverse people in the entertainment world, as well as many other businesses and families and whatnot. However, population surveys say that most African countries are diverse like Nigeria, South Africa, etc, more so than other continents, INCLUDING where I live (Australia). Well, it shows here, just as Scars of the Syndicate did.
Today, we reveal Kitana Belle Pavik and Brian Joseph Benedict's real name, unless someone else can tell the difference between the Xuan Zang's to which I will mention. Then, we have three new VAs and one returning. It's a pity that Wu Kong's name isn't shown, and it's not just a "-" like Lea or Victor, the text box is gone! I can barely contain my excitement as I do with any new character, but these ones appear in shows I've watched dearly. If any of you read my posts or comments, then you'll know what type of shows I like, and why I'm so excited. But mark my words, as you read, you'll see why. Also, a couple of them have their own personalised websites, so I'll mention it there. Let us advance!!!
Wu Kong - Brian Doe. He is the real name behind Brian Joseph Benedict. In other words, this is his THIRD character here, the first two being Alain and Ricardt. Born in Vancouver, Canada with a passionate love for Saturday Morning Cartoons growing up. Brian started his career by creating various offbeat characters of his own and giving them a voice. He then found out that he can use his voice to really bring audiences on adventures, that is what starts his pursuit in becoming a full-time voice actor. Now look at him, he's a wonderful guy!
Instead of listing out so many things, I'll list to him what he's well known for in anime and cartoons alike: Osamu Mikumo (World Trigger), Nils Richter (LBX: Little Battlers Experience), Delphin (Barbie: The Pearl Princess), Gabe Brunei (Beyblade Burst), and of course Timber Spruce (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree). I play both Alain and Ricardt a lot frequently, and that was before learning he was Timber Spruce. I liked Alain's attitude in his voice, as well as Ricardt's shy and timid side. Nice contrast, huh?
Leif - Bill Newton. The third Australian-born actor in Dragalia Lost!? YAY!!! The Melbourne boy is very much started his VA career in 2013 voicing various characters or being credited as additional voices for video games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Shadow Sun, and Grey Goo.
His first ever animation role was in anime, starting with Gintama as Tasuke Kurokono. He's part of Gintoki and his old Jouishi pals (Katsura and Sakamoto) back then but made his only 'appearance' in the two-parter where I believe they just wanted to make a reference to Kuroko no Basket, because that's pretty much what Gintama does all the time, make references to their fellow Shonen Jump comics. Then he went to other animes like Beyblade Burst (Arthur Lawrence) and World Trigger (Isami Toma, Kotaro Suwa, Shiihara).
He jumped into Western animations like Minecraft Mysteries: Mystery of the Greek Isle (Toby), Line Rangers (The Narrator), Tobot (Tobot C), Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own (Simon Puggerson /Cheeks Hamsternathy/Pigeon) and Ninjago (Fred Finely/Jay Walkin 238).
However, he is well known to have the role of an antagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Aside from voicing supporting characters like Snap Shutter, Pharynx (brother of Thorax), and Bright Macintosh (Not to confuse with Big McIntosh, that's Vixel's VA) he voices Stygian or in his dark form The Pony of Shadows! And now he's back into video games, voicing our dear Sparrow Leif! Yes and finally! My heart soared when I first started off the research, but as I go down the list, it gets even BIGGER!
Radiant Xuan Zang - Elfina Luk. This is Kitana Belle Pavik's real name (I think?). And while she was born in Vancouver, Canada, she is AMAZINGLY FLUENT in her Cantonese and Mandarin if you watch her demo reel! But as for why she was directed not to sorta emphasise the pitch and tone that you'd hear in Mandarin (especially if you consider how Tie Shan Ghongzhu was directed, which I will explain) baffles me. My guess is that it's to make English speakers a bit comfier saying their names. I know I had difficulties with that when you're an Australian Born Chinese whose primary language is English.
Anyway, Elfina is a really big Live-Action Actress, utilising her languages and acting abilities, though she's also a director and producer too. Though she started off in additional or small roles such as Smallville, Supernatural, Altered Carbon, Loudermilk, and a whole lot of other shows. Her talents mentioned above shine in big movies such as Sargent Han in Skyscraper(Dwayne Johnson), The Secretary of Homeland Security in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. But she has been in impressive shows, whether main or recurring character, such as Blood and Water (Anna Xie, Andrea Tsang), iZombie (Joyce Collins), Zoo (Analyst Taylor Nguyen), and The Good Doctor (Nurse Dalisay Villanueva).
I think it goes to show that not all anime video games have to be voiced by solely well-known Anime VAs, even people who did Live-Action can do just as amazing, and Elfina proves that. Also, I highly encourage people here to watch some live-action shows. The Good Doctor is really good after all! I'm SURE you've heard of this drama before!
Zhu Bajie - Brian Drummond. And he's back again!!! His SEVENTH character! Karl, Rodrigo, Thaniel, Zodiark, Ebisu, Garland, and now Zhu Bajie. I think he's now officially the English VA who has the most roles here! And my goodness, I will say it again in case any has forgotten, Brian is a big VA veteran, hailing from British Columbia, Canada, along with the likes of Tabitha St Germain (Estelle, Althemia, Phoenix) and Richard Ian Cox (Ranzal, Rex, Yaten)! What are his voices again? Oh, A LOT!
Ryuk from Death Note, Garu from Pucca, Milliardo Peacecraft from Gundam Wing, Jetfire and Jolt from Transformers Cybertron, Allen Schezar from Vision of Escaflowne, Hayato Shingu from Project ARMS, and let's not forget the original Ocean dub Vegeta from Dragonball Z!
There's no mistaking it, he REALLY loves this game. Here's hoping his daughter Brynna and his wife Laura gets a voice in Dragalia Lost. His son Aidan has two in the form of Delphi and Yuya! Getting the Drummond family together would be awesome!!!
Sha Wujing - David Kaye. I... I am... I am beyond ecstatic! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! IT'S FREAKING DAVID KAYE!!! This guy is such a legend along with the likes of Tara Strong!!! He's known for many big things. He's Clank from Ratchet and Clank and other iterations, Logan Carter in Dead Island, Corvus Glaive, Mysterio and Vision in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order AND in various Western animations revolving around those three characters, James Gordon in Batman: Arkham City, and that's just video games.
Now, for Anime, he's Inuyasha's half-brother Sesshomaru, Protoman.EXE from Megaman NT Warrior, Recoome from DragonballZ (Ocean Dub), Kim Kaphwan in Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle, Treize Khushrenada in Gundam Wing, and Soun Tendo in Ranma 1/2.
Western Animations? Just as impressive! Grandpa Max Tennyson in the Rebooted Ben 10 and other aliens like Cannonbolt in Ben 10 Omniverse, General Hawk for the Second Season of G.I. Joe, General Tandin in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Akuma from Street Fighter, and Professor Charles Xavier and Apocalypse in X-Men: Evolution.
But do you know what he is most popular for, and has a long relationship with? No, it's not My Little Pony like I always mull on about. It's the other Hasbro franchise which I also fell in love with, and that is Transformers. For Five animated series, FIVE! From Beast Wars and Beast Machines: Transformers, and the anime Unicron Trilogy: Armada, Energon, and Cybertron. He was the voice of none other than Megatron. AND in Transformers: Animated in 2007, his coin was flipped and thus voiced Optimus Prime (as well as Grimlock, Lugnut, and more). The ONLY VA to voice the face of both the Autobots and the Decepticons. EEEYAH!!! There's nothing more to say... this guy is wonderful, voicing so many characters well-received and niche shows and anime, and you can bet your arse that I'm continuing to play this game in the long run! You know, I've been making a My Little Pony and Dragalia Lost crossover story. I should make one with Transformers after that!
Tie Shan Gongzhu - Rita Yee. And for Rita Yee, I want to give her a large round of applause and thank you. You see, Rita does work in the entertainment industry (mostly film), but she's mostly been recognised as an assistant producer and miscellaneous crew for various TV shorts and documentaries as a production accountant for number crunching and payroll and whatnot.
According to IMDb, she has not got any sort of acting or voice role BUT here. And boy, let me bring back what I was talking about with Elfina and her take on Xuan Zang. I was listening to her voice clips, and you can tell that her direction was a twinge of fluent English with a little hint of Chinese. But when she mentioned her own name in one of them, IT WAS COMPLETELY IN MANDARIN: TONE, PITCH, ACCENT AND ALL. And people thought English dubs would lose this sort of culture and cringe about that. Well, I say you've never been to Canada before (which is pretty petty and hypocritical of me because I haven't visited the country myself, I take it back).
As I said, Canada's Acting Industry is very diverse like the country itself, and it's extremely wonderful that the DL voice director is using that to bring about a really great depth to the characters. So yeah, I want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to our four voice actors, as WELL as DL's voice director Adrienne Lindsay (I'm not so sure though... apparently, some VAs who tweeted about their Dragalia Role said so. But she IS a voice director on her social media page). For doing all this, you bring so much tremendous joy to people like me, and to show that Canada's VA industry is just as magnificent!
Now, what are YOUR opinions about them? Do not be afraid to comment down below. I will look at them, even discuss. Oh, and through my research, I've also decided to put the personal websites of the actors here. So if you want to see more of their roles, demo reels, or say thank you to them for their performance, go ahead.
Brian Doe - https://thebriandoe.com/ , Twitter (@TheBrianDoe). If you see his header photo, Alain and Ricardt are both on it!!! That is so cute!
Bill Newton - It's not his own website, but it is a place where voice actors can be commissioned or scouted for various jobs. https://www.voices.com/actors/TheVoicePackage
Elfina Luk - https://elfinaluk.com/ , Instagram and Twitter (@elfinaluk)
David Kaye - https://www.davidkaye.com/ , Twitter (@dkayevo)
Brian Drummond - Twitter (@BrianDrummondVO)
Rita Yee has a LinkedIn profile, https://ca.linkedin.com/in/rita-yee-926462a
submitted by Tythen to DragaliaLost [link] [comments]

2020.05.26 18:54 woollydogs Is there any chance of Canada getting another NBA team?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I was just wondering what everyone in this sub thinks. If it's realistic, which cities could be potential candidates, etc. As a Canadian basketball fan I think about this all the time.
I was a kid when the Grizzlies were in Vancouver, but it always made me so sad that they moved to Memphis. I always loved the thought of having another Canadian NBA team (not to mention, the old Grizzlies jersey’s were so cool looking. I had always assumed that there wasn’t enough love for Basketball in any other Canadian cities to warrant another team, but after the Raptors won last year, I think that could change. There were plenty of Canadian cities that were setting up their own “Jurassic Parks” for citizens to watch the playoff games all over Canada!
Another reason I was thinking it would be unlikely for Canada to get another NBA team was because Canada’s population is so much smaller than the US. After doing a bit of googling though, I realized that there’s plenty of Canadian cities with populations twice as big as some American cities with NBA teams.
I looked into which Canadian cities showed the most interest in the Raptors during the playoffs last season, and some of the top results were Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, and Ottawa. I would personally love to see another NBA team in Canada, but maybe that’s not realistic. I’m just wondering what everyone else thinks!
(Sorry, this post has to be 500 words, and I can’t think of anything else to add, so I’m just gonna ramble on for a bit.) I miss the old Raptors and Grizzlies logos. The old ones were so cool looking. The new Raptors logo is alright, but the Grizzlies logo is so ugly. I don’t know why they don’t change it. It’s been the same for so long! Also, I think that the Pelicans is a pretty lame team mascot. I think they could’ve come up with something better. Do you guys think that NBA players have a bias against playing in Toronto, because they don’t want to move to Canada? That’s one thing I was thinking about. Like yeah we could have another NBA team, but I don’t think anyone would be extremely eager to move to Nova Scotia. I guess if you’re rich enough to fly around wherever, it doesn’t really matter that much though. Also, I gotta say… I’m a huge Raptors fan, but “We the north” is the dumbest slogan I’ve heard in a long time. That’s all I have to say about that. Also, if you guys think it’s totally implausible to have another Canadian team, are there any other cities in the US that could support an NBA team? Alright, I just gotta type 60 more words… Did you guys know that basketball was invented by a Canadian guy? I think just for that we deserve at least 2 teams. They could be called the Edmonton Naismiths! Just kidding. Okay I’m at 500 words now. Let me know what you guys think!
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2020.05.26 10:34 jazilzaim Will VCs fund a remote startup?

We are 3 co-founders. 2 of us are based in Vancouver (Canada) and one of us is based in Netherlands. Vancouver ones have met in person but the Netherlands co founder is someone we have known for a while (for at least a year now). Then we have several other people based in Mexico and India that are working and getting compensated in equity. We may get others as well from different jurisdictions. The co-founders in Canada own a majority of the startup.
As a startup, We are working on a VR app.

My question is, would VCs and angels fund this type of startup?
I have heard ups and downs about this. I have seen some say they would because of diversity. I have seen people say that not really because it won't be good for due diligence along with the fact that remote startups struggle with management, different time zones, and remote startups are harder to manage which is why there hasn't been very many successful remote startups that are all over the world. I have heard with different jurisdictions and different legal systems it is a bit difficult. But I would love an answer on this! I hope you guys can all respond and I thank you all for your answers!
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2020.05.24 09:30 UnitedInternet8 Using a 2nd mortgage from a relative to pay for downpayment

Hi, I am a mother and I'm trying to convince my daughter (only 23 years old) that it is a bad decision for my daughter and her boyfriend to purchase an apartment with their current financial situation and I'm worried to death but I just can't seem to get through to her.

Property price, $500000
25% down = 125000
The interest for the mortgaged amount is at 4.75% ARM (Due to bad credit score from her boyfriend, my daughter is in the 7xx)
Both my daughter and her boyfriend have nothing saved up for downpayment, as a result they've convinced a relative from the guy's side to take out a second mortgage loan to lend them as downpayment.
2nd mortgage loan = 170,000 to cover 25% down and other fees and furniture. This loan has an interest rate of 9.0%

They have an after tax income combined, 10000 per month.
As they each already have a car payment, so I had her list out all the expenses and food etc.
The expense each month is 8500. (This includes $1275 interest to the 170,000 loan at 9.0%, but does not include any repayment to the principle on the 170,000 loan)

So their net positive monthly income is 1500.

Like, I'm not sure how they can ever repay the 170,000 2nd mortgage loan at 9.0%.
Her reply to me was, the apartment would raise for sure and in a few years they could re-finance it and some how repay the 170,000.
I'm trying to tell her to rent if she wants, but she thinks renting would cost her same amount of money anyways, so why throw money away that way.

I'm really skeptical of them being able to handle this as her bf is the type of people who overspends and actually his networth right now is -5700. (He owes credit card debt...) and they think this is perfectly fine ?!
They think I am old schooled and worry too much. (I already told them lots of What Ifs like, what if either of them lose their jobs due to bad economy, what if they break up])
They think everybody use debt to buy properties in Vancouver, or else there are no way they could have saved enough money
I personally don't think it is too late for them to start saving up for downpayment. They both are still living at home with parents. No one is kicking them out.

They said they will just sell the place if things don't work out and they are assuming the property will go up 2-3% per year so even if they end up breaking up and having to sell the place in a few years they will still gain something or break even worse case scenerio.
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2020.05.24 07:03 DaveyOneBite TLSS: From Ukrainian Tourism Company, to U.S. Oil/Gas, back to Ukrainian Tourism, back to Oil/Gas, and now to Transportation Logistics?

TL;DR: TLSS is a re-branded shell of a failed OTC company, PetroTerra, who was a re-branded shell of a failed Ukrainian OTC company, Loran Connection Corp. Both were connected to known penny stock pump and dump conspirators. Is TLSS showing similar signs or are they truly independent and legit?
Read to and through the Edits you Jabronis
Sponsored By: Adderall.
Thanks to promising research shared here, I scooped up a number of TLSS shares last week. Likely, many of you did the same.
Yesterday, I started to get the nagging thought that some of the news may be too good to be true. So rather then treating others' DD as facts, I decided to do a deep research dive myself.
First, looking into news and SEC files within the past 2 years which is the information most readily available on this company. Then, diving deeper and reviewing SEC files and corresponding news from before they were a Transportation Logistics company and before the earliest dated news that is readily available on TLSS.
So far, I've found a number of concerns in my first phase of '2 years ago' analysis, but nothing that clearly derails the promising underlying growth story. Many of these may simply be 'all part of the game' when it comes to pink sheets. Or they may truly be red flags. Nothing definitive yet, TBD pending further research.
The earlier time period analysis (2009 to 2018) is much more unsettling. I can't imagine how some of what I am seeing, are not red flags.
I'll be sharing the results of my full extensive analysis once completed, but for now, I want to share an old blog post I just stumbled upon. It looks like they connected some of the same odd points/red flags I was seeing from the early years.
Blog Post
To summarize, and add on one more very red flag that happened since this post:
That's all I got for now folks. Very suspicious if you ask me. And there’s still about 3 more years of fun to review before I catch up to where the 2 years ago analysis started.
But curious to get others' thoughts. Is the past the past and new management taking TLSS in a reputable and promising direction? But why would they be tied to this very odd company and not a new entity of their own?
I'll share more when I've made it through all my analysis and any oddities I may find.
Edit #1: Additional Article I found that offers potential theory for the Ukraine connection. Source.
Edit #2: Looks like PetroTerra was pump and dumped twice in 2015. Checking the TLSS full history chart confirms this too.
Edit #3: In various SEC filings since their re-brand, they refer to the below as their website:
This company looks similar to TLSS, but slightly off:
Is this TLSS? Or is this who they are trying to look like?
Source of them claiming this is their website in SEC filings. (page 61, paragraph 3)
Final Edit: Just use your brain guys. If you're simply playing the TA then stick to you plan, if you're a PCG Associate on one of your many burner accounts then fuck yourself, if you're eating the hype and refuse to see through it then try to look back after this over and understand what happened.
But if you're a rationale person then trust your gut. I suspect we have some more room to run but Bank profits to protect your investment and set stop losses you are comfortable with on the rest.
I promise this will come down hard.
This company has been a pump and dump shell for years. Opened in the Ukraine by known pump and dump players, associated with known pump and dump players over the years, re-branded, pumped, dumped, and then hit with a double whammy of mass new shares issuance right before a reverse stock split to further add insult to injury to the innocent bagholders. The people who are pulling the strings then open a new series of obscure LLCs (Puritan Partners, RDW Capital LLC, etc.), bring in new morally loose or (literally) unaware management, pay investor relations firms in stock to promote their next bullshit front, and repeat it all.
Things are not different this time around. I literally bought a whiteboard and began drawing up a criminal network diagram with all the connections but then the adderall wore off and I said fuck that. There is no Pepe Silvia.
The old CEO who had direct ties to current management pulled this stunt in Q32018. Prime EFS's president is banned from the sec and from owning a public company, PCG advisory entire purpose is to pump the stock price. Read their disclaimer's, they literally state they have a conflict of interest and are trading the stock before during after news, and to not take their statements as fact. Take a look at their CEO's fake ass Instagram full of stock images. Like his firm's claims and careers, it is all useless fluff. No lucky individual stumbled upon this hidden gem and decided to share the information and spark all this. You know about this because PCG wants you to know about this. This is a textbook example of the pump and dump.
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Still in denial, okay then review the fundamentals.
And hey, who knows, maybe I'm wrong, I'd be glad to be wrong b/c I still have some shares running but more so because I see how excited everyone on this board is about this, and its a shitty feeling knowing some unsuspecting folks may get blindsided. Those folks are really who I'm writing to here and why I even bothered with this update.
I do think there is more room to run before the rug is pulled. Use that to protect yourself. Stick to the TA. And remember...
If it smells like shit, looks like shit, and feels like shit, then you don't need to eat it to know that it is shit.
Final Edit 2: The 10k Boogaloo
Regarding the 10K.
They told you they are going to issue mass amount of new shares and/or reverse stock split in June.
Hint: it’s gonna be and.
They have done this multiple times in the past. They have the right to do this without a vote.
If the totals are the same they were last time, You will see them release a double whammy 8K letting you know they’ve issued 100,000,000 new shares so they can raise capital and to save the company. But this will severely dilute you, the common share holder. And in the same notice, guess what? They think they have too many shares, so are implementing a reverse 250-1 stock split.
Net result, shares plummet in value, reverse split recovers it at your expense. You’re 10,000 shares worth 0.20 shares before are now 40 shares worth a couple bucks per share if you’re lucky and sell in time.
Net result, you lose 90% of your money, and Frank Mazzola keeps paying his car bills and his Jersey Shore vacation home mortgage.
Go ahead and google Frankie boy if you have the time. He and his uncle John Bivona used to scam customers by falsely claiming they had pre IPO shares of top tech companies like Facebook. The SEC then banned them from the securities industry, but they either found a loophole or just straight up didn’t listen and continued to scam clients via a ‘we can’t get you Facebook, but we know these of these X companies you never heard of are primed for 1000%+ gain’ Editor’s Note: They did not gain 1000%, most lost 100%. The SEC caught them again and banned them from working in anything related to penny stocks as well.
Now Frank runs the 99.8% revenue generator of TLSS. But I’m totally sure he’s turned over a new leaf and is running a reputable business. So what if it’s the worst reviewed of Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners, and so what that it is a penny stock. This totally isn’t a new iteration of his scams.
I also loved how they explicitly stated they can’t even confirm if their financials are accurate. And they’re audited by a firm, who itself has been flagged for lack of audit controls.
submitted by DaveyOneBite to pennystocks [link] [comments]


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