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Game Theroy: The hiden DEEP SECRET in Monkia's new TWIT!!

2019.09.26 22:00 blannners Game Theroy: The hiden DEEP SECRET in Monkia's new TWIT!!

hello internet and welcome once again to the game theory. today i taked a look in monica's twiter lilmonka3 and i seed the new twit she made a little days ago. as you all know i am the deepest ddlc intelectual that ever breathed ocksygen in this planet so of course i had to check for project libanon clues as fast as i could. and what i found will CHOCK YOU: !
the first clue is NOT actually in the twit text that monike writed. if you look closly at the twit you might see it. it was posted SEPTENBER 22ST. you might be thinking "ok who cares its randon date" but OHHH NOOO. do you even KNOW what happens in septembre 22rd? two years ago? of course not, your not ddlc intelecttual like me so ill tell you. two years ago setember 22th was when dorky dorky libitania club was released. yep. so this is already a BIG clue: moneky posted the twit in the EXACT same day the game was released. CONICIDECE? I DONT THINK NOT!!
monky also makes teaser about this in the begining of the twit: "i knew you'd remember what day it was today, you're such a sweetheart heart emoji"
ah yes i forgot to mention she also sayed this because its her aniversary (she was borned this day too) but thats not relevent at all becuz it dosent help my theroy
moving on, she say
"even though it was me who asked you to save allll day for me"
do you notice it? she sayed "SAVE" just like "SAVE THE GAME". this mean she still trapped in visual novel. BUT HOW? THE GAME WAS DELETED ON ENDING! you may ask. but thats when your wrong. you see, moneky arent trapped in doik doik, she trapped in PROJECT LIBOBERT!!! dont worry this will get more clearer soon.
now she say "i can be selfish one day a year, right?"
this is CLEARLY teasing the one day she will be self fish - this means becoming a mermaid if you dont know english - wich is teasing the day THE PROJECT LOBSTER TEASER WILL BE RELEASED BY DAN SOLVATO! she will be self fish becuz that is her identity in the new game!!!!!!! WE ARE PICING THIS TOGETHER!!!
finaly she say
"just come with me, you have to do everything i want to do today"
This doesn't mean anything. Just ignore it.
so as we all see in the proof above, project lambda is coming soon and now we know monkery is being a mermaid in it. just to making sure you are on track - this is the characters we know:
yunry = libatina
monkas = mermaid
this is hype!! i hope your as hype as i am right now. thank you for reading and but hey. that's just the theory. THE GAME THEORY!! thank you for reading.
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