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The best trucker subreddit out there.

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Welcome to /ArchaicCooking. This is a subreddit for those interested in learning to cook and discuss the food of the past. Subjects can range anywhere from ancient Roman cookery to the delights of 1700's London. Generally, nothing from the 1800's and above.

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Your one stop source for google play deals from established apps. See subreddit sidebar for what qualities an app as established in my eyes.

2020.10.26 14:22 Fettekatze Any error logging tool to help me find the cause? Win 10 freezing/crashing, no BSOD, no error reports, requires hard reboot, can't forcibly replicate it

Basically windows explorer becomes unresponsive and eventually freezes. It does not blue screen and will not auto-restart. If this happens while the display is off, the monitor shows no video input from the computer. This seems to happen when I'm doing something data-transfer or network intensive, like watching youtube, twitch, or torrenting. (but then it's not even that data intensive, like <5Mbps). Sometimes it'll happen when I'm doing nothing at all. I can sometimes slowly close out programs, but they'll still be in the frozen taskbar and I still need to restart. But it'll pretty much always occur when I leave torrents on. The taskbar clock freezes, Aida64 OSD freezes, and task manager can be pulled up but nothing is clickable. CPU, GPU, and memory are never pushed when this happens which I can clearly see in task manager. Restart and power down functions in the start menu no longer work.
This requires a hard shutdown and restart and then nothing is logged. If I'm away and the display is off when this happens, upon moving the mouse the display will power back on but shows a blank screen due to lack of video input. "Reliability history" in control panel just shows a history of forced shutdowns, and not the freezes themselves.
Built this system 8 months ago, this started happening about 4 months ago. Recently did a full format and fresh install of Win10 and it is still happening at least once a day. Although now my ram LED's keeps running, while before the reinstall the RGB LEDs would freeze as well.
Any ideas on how to log this or pinpoint what is causing this? I've ran all 6 AIDA64 stress tests (CPU, FPU, cache, ram, disks, GPU) for 5 minutes each and couldn't replicate the freezes. Also running multiple network speedtests to max out my DL/UL and can't replicate it. Maybe it's a bad hardware issue?
System Specs: Win 10 64bit, MSI X470, Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB Corsair Vengeance, GTX 1070, Samsung 970 NVMe drive, Corsair RM550x PSU, all updates/drivers up-to-date
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2020.10.26 14:09 TheteslaFanva Taleo post interview Edit [CA]

Applied to a large corporate job with Taleo interface a few weeks back. Had final interview last month and still waiting on outcome.
Today I applied to another job on companies same website. I started to look at previous pending job application and noticed some dates were off from the auto pull resume. So I corrected and also attached slightly updated Resume.
Should I email recruiter and let them know i changed something in previous app? Not sure if it is a red flag or something. Both dates on both application now show today’s date as last updated.
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2020.10.26 13:10 VladtheMemer [REQUEST] [STEAM] Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (€19.99)

Hi, everyone! I am requesting GTA IV The Complete Edition, which includes the base GTA 4 game and the two DLCs that came out for it, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, along with some performance improvements and changes to the radio which I plan to undo with mods.
The story of how I started playing through the GTA series is pretty simple. During lockdown I would stay up all night every 2 or 3 days watching Vinesauce Joel's GTA streams, starting with Vice City, one of the first games I had ever played but never beat. I had so much fun watching those streams that I had to go back and finish VC for myself, which was awesome despite all the limitations that game had like no free camera while driving, slightly clunky controls and shooting and some infuriating missions. The radio, nostalgia, map, story and gameplay once I got used to it more than made up for those negatives though and playing it felt really good and fun.
I finally beat the game and I wanted to play more, so I started watching Joel's San Andreas streams and I had a lot of fun with that game too, only one of the 3D trilogy that I still go back to today. Then I went on to GTA III, which was still an ongoing series on Joel's streams. That game was rough, but it had its own charm and atmosphere thanks to the low-budget radio (excluding the Scarface soundtrack, that's anything but low-budget) and its story and style.
As for GTA V, I beat that game a few years ago and I still have memories of sharing my screen with a friend on Discord, adding shitty custom songs and going on rampages with the riot mod at 20-something fps on a tiny window or just driving on the highway listening to the amazing hip-hop or talk show radio stations (though this game had the weakest radio overall in my opinion, at least 3 has an excuse and sounds unique today). I also played a lot of GTA Online with another friend after Epic gave it away, I stayed up all night downloading that game cause speed was throttled due to how many people were getting it (the Epic store was down for a little time too before that which is funny to me, thousands of people were flocking to get it).
Now, the requested game finally, GTA IV Complete Edition. I had been thinking of playing it just to have some closure knowing I beat every GTA game on PC and now that Joel has just started a playthrough on his stream it seems like the perfect time to do it. His first stream of this game was hilarious (he has uploaded a second stream to Youtube but I haven't watched it yet) and I recommend checking his stuff out. I used to play this game a lot as a little kid, restarting over and over and thus never finishing it, same for the Episodes From Liberty City stories. The farthest I got in IV was killing Playboy X, doing the bank heist and hiding Manny's body, I don't remember much about EFLC. I know the area surrounding your first apartment like the back of my hand due to how many times I've started from scratch. I always loved playing with the physics by jumping out of a car at high speeds, shoving, punching, shooting and fighting NPCs, spawning helicopters and jumping out once I got to max altitude and throwing bricks around (you could pick up bricks and throw them wherever the hell you felt like in this game, how does nobody talk about this?!). I think I've fucked around like that in this game more than I did in any other GTA, maybe only GTA V comes close.
I would love to finally beat this game and the DLC stories and I would truly appreciate it if you guys could help me out here. I realize this is a long-ass read, but I just wanted to prove that I know these games, I have a history with them dating back to my first gaming memories and that I will play and enjoy this game if I get it from here. I could write entire essays on each game but I think it's time to wrap it up and leave it to you to decide whether or not you want to gift me Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition
My Steam profile
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2020.10.26 12:59 nightisblack Want to Sell: MSI B450M Mortar

Full name of the product up for sale: MSI B450M Mortar
Condition of the item - Used, Has box bill and all accessories. Used with Ryzen 9 3900X, didnt do manual overclocking, put on auto overclock (PBO mode). Never faced any issues till now.
Date of purchase (with remaining India/International warranty period if any) - 19/04/19 from Golcha IT Bangalore. (Not sure about warranty, if my memory is correct I had a total of 3 years while buying, so 1 and a half years remaining)
Location of sale - Trivandrum Kerala
Mode of shipping - Can ship all over India, shipping price to be handled by buyer.
Clear pictures of the item with Reddit username and timestamp uploaded on imgur -
Reason for selling: Shifting to ITX since I travel a lot and its really hard to carry a M-atx case around
Expected Price - 8k.
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2020.10.26 10:34 perochan DKB - GROWTH (3rd Mini Album)

DKB - GROWTH (3rd Mini Album)


Release Date: October 26, 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. 난 일해 (Work Hard) / Audio Brave Brothers, Maboos Brave Brothers, Maboos, JS JS
02. Tell Me Tell Me Maboos Maboos, JS JS
03. 잘 지내 (Take Care) Brave Brothers, E-Chan, GK Brave Brothers, 레드쿠키 (Red Cookie) 레드쿠키 (Red Cookie)
04. 지우개 (Eraser) D1, Teo, E-Chan, GK 레드쿠키 (Red Cookie), D1, Teo 레드쿠키 (Red Cookie)
05. No more (위로X) E-Chan, GK, D1, Teo 레드쿠키 (Red Cookie), Teo, D1 레드쿠키 (Red Cookie)
STREAM ON Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
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2020.10.26 10:00 Chris_Singadia99 TWICE - EYES WIDE OPEN (The 2nd Full Album)

TWICE - EYES WIDE OPEN (The 2nd Full Album)


Release Date: October 26, 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. I Can't Stop Me Park Jin-young, Shim Eun-ji Melanie Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, A Wright Michel “Lindgren” Schulz
02. Hell In Heaven Shim Eun-ji, Lee Hae-sol Shim Eun-ji, Lee Hae-sol, Linnea Södahl Shim Eun-ji, Lee Hae-sol
03. Up No More Jihyo Lee Woo-min “collapsedone”, Julia Ross, Kyrsta Youngs Lee Woo-min “collapsedone”
04. Do What We Like Sana Rod Radwagon, Grace Barker, Josh Record, Jarly Rod Radwagon, Grace Barker, Josh Record
05. Bring It Back Dahyun earattack, Gongdo, Laurell Barker, Katya Edwards earattack, Gongdo
06. Believer Kenzie Kenzie, Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Alice Penrose Kenzie, LDN Noise, Alice Penrose
07. Queen Dahyun JinbyJin, Cazzi Opeia. Ellen Berg JinbyJin
08. Go Hard Friday (Galactika*) Grace Tither, Carl Ryden, Ki Fitzgerald, Paul Harris Grace Tither, Carl Ryden, Ki Fitzgerald, Paul Harris
09. Shot Clock Kim Yeon-seo Jonatan GusmarkLudvig EversKim Yeon-seoCazzi OpeiaEllen Berg Moonshine
10. Handle It Chaeyoung Adrian X, Elizabeth Loughrey, Ryan Ashley, Uzoechi Emenike, Armadillo Armadillo
11. Depend on You Nayeon Candace Sosa, Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Sean R Mullen, James Kaye Miller Candace Sosa, Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Sean R Mullen, James Kaye Miller, OranJi
12. Say Something Jung Ho-hyun (e. one), Iki Jung Ho-hyun (e. one), Iki Jung Ho-hyun (e. one), Iki
13. Behind the Mask Heize Sam Klempner, Jacob Attwooll, Record, Dua Lipa Sam Klempner, Jacob Attwooll
STREAM ON: Spotify / Melon / Apple Music
Album Cover
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2020.10.26 10:00 perochan TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) - Minisode1 : BLUE HOUR (3rd Mini Album)

TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) - Minisode1 : BLUE HOUR (3rd Mini Album)

TXT - minisode1 : Blue Hour

Release Date: October 26, 2020
Track Lyrics / Composed / Arranged by
01. Ghosting EL CAPITXN, danke, KYLER NIKO, David Charles Fischer, Taehyun, Lee Suran, 1월 8일, Lennon Stella, Erin McCarley, Slow Rabbit, Soobin, Kim Bo Eun, Ruuth, Chris James
02. 5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나 (Blue Hour) / Audio Slow Rabbit, KYLER NIKO, LIL 27 CLUB, "Hitman" Bang
03. 날씨를 잃어버렸어 (We Lost the Summer) Slow Rabbit, Pdogg, Charlotte Grace Victoria Lee, LIL 27 CLUB, Charlotte Aitchison, Kyle Bladt Knudsen, Colton Ward
04. Wishlist Sam Klempner, "Hitman" Bang, Sunshine (Cazzi Opeia & Ellen Berg), Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel "Lindgren" Schulz, Kim Bo Eun, danke, Lee Suran, LIL 27 CLUB, Taehyun, Yeonjun, HueningKai, Slow Rabbit, Cho Yoon Kyung, LUTRA
05. 하굣길 (Way Home) Wonderkid, Shinkoong, Sofia Kay, "Hitman" Bang, ADORA, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel "Lindgren" Schulz, Bobby Chung, NU’MAKER, danke, 조은희 (Joni)
STREAM ON Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
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2020.10.26 09:18 pragmat1c1 How to show filename / context in org-ql-search results?

With the help of `org-ql-search' I am able to generate a list of date-stamped org-file entries, for instance like so:
9 October 2020 Started HIIT training 15:25 Met Mike re setting up website NEXT [#A] Review weekly goals 10 October 2020 TODO Write email to team re release date Fix broken virtualenvs (kw: dyld) Steps re Fix broken virtualenv =jupyter= 10:08 Migrate Things3 to Emacs/org 11:40 Workout was awesome 12:14 Broke Jupyter notebooks 
Now is there a way to show the filename (like in org-agenda-view) alongside the entries? Like so:
9 October 2020 Started HIIT training 15:25 Met Mike re setting up website NEXT [#A] Review weekly goals 10 October 2020 TODO Write email to team re release date Fix broken virtualenvs (kw: dyld) Steps re Fix broken virtualenv =jupyter= 10:08 Migrate Things3 to Emacs/org 11:40 Workout was awesome 12:14 Broke Jupyter notebooks 

My elisp code

This is how I create the list of entries
(defun ugt/org-ql--datestamped-list-of-org-journal-entries () "Datestamp list of entries in Org files" (interactive) (let ((num-days-back 1000) (buffer-name "*List of org journal entries*")) (eval `(org-ql-search org-journal-files '(and ;;(heading "mindfulness") (ts-i :from (- ,num-days-back) :to today)) :title "Recent Items" :sort '(date) :super-groups '((:auto-ts t)) :buffer ,buffer-name)) ;; go to end of buffer ;; via (with-selected-window (display-buffer buffer-name) (goto-char (point-max))))) 


See below:
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2020.10.26 08:10 S7ewie Any taming/breeding guides?

I’m looking for a good in depth up to date horse taming and breeding guide. I used to do it quite a lot but I’ve been away from the game for a while and I’m out of the loop. Ideally something that covers horse locations, best tier you can catch in the wild and what it looks like, best levelling techniques, auto-path loops, when and where to breed etc. Most of the guides I’ve found are from 2017.
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2020.10.26 08:00 OneWonderfulFish Retrospective Episode 311 - Twenty Sides of Booty

Per our discussion, join us on a retrospective adventure as we look back at Harmontown episodes of yore. Every Monday morning at 12 AM PST, 3 AM EST, a thread will be posted where we will discuss a classic episode of Harmontown.
This time around...
Episode 311 Twenty Sides of Booty
Release Date 2018-11-22
Dan and Spencer swap roles, with Dan taking the role of Dungeon Master. Spencer auto-tunes himself, becoming a robot from a magical land. Jeff immerses himself in a Vietnam era character.
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